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Adam Aircrafts Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In what way did the speed factor enhance group performance?

Adam Aircraft personnel’s group performance was enhanced because everybody in the headquarters was thrilled of the Oshkosh’s big summer air show. They want to impress everybody at the air show by showing off their new product that is the ‘A700’. The reason they are motivated of the Oshkosh’s air show is not about getting any financial or non financial reward from the company but they are trying to contribute something that can lift the effectiveness of the company operations.

In this air show also, the group tends to make an indirect marketing for their new jet by astounding the crowd with the performance of their jet. They know if they can amaze the crowd, the A700 will pioneer the jet industry and make business good for the company.

In headquarters, the group was very efficient and well-cooperated because each individual depend on each other expertise and proficiency in making the jet. It is good that the company adopt a policy of hiring a balance team rather than a power-packed team because the latter has its disadvantage. The disadvantage of this team i

s that they are a grouping of the same type of people which may suffer from groupthink, and will not

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reduce the risk of fundamental mistakes being produced by the team. On in other hand, balance team is good because the group can leverage one another abilities in the best interest of the company.

The manufacturing of the jet was on schedule as the A700 shared more than 80% of its components with its predecessor, A500. Besides that, the manufacturing department had experience assembling those parts on three A500’s so basically the group has more time than they expected for finishing in time for the air show.

Time also play an integral part of making the group in a high state of efficiency because in between those 6 weeks, the group had spent their time working together in order to meet their objective so basically time had make the group to be cohesive and very well bonded. The group becomes cohesive also because they are facing with serious quandary of meeting with the deadline so the pressure really makes their productivity to be much higher.

In conclusion, teamwork is everywhere and essential in productivity. An individual may achieve a distance, but with a team effort, the individual can achieve even further distance. Teamwork is about leveraging on each other’s best. Before anyone can leverage another person, he/she need to respect and compromise the differences that he/she and the person might have. With understanding of team members, we are certain that you can deliver higher productivity than what you can expect of yourself.

[ 1 ]. The balance team is a combination of team members that complement each other. [ 2 ]. The power-packed team consists of team members that possess abilities of the same skill set. It can be described like doubled loaded cannon with enhanced rapid fire. [ 3 ]. Groupthink is a type of thought within a deeply cohesive in-group whose members try to minimize conflict and reach consensus without critically testing, analyzing, and evaluating ideas

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