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Additional language for children Essay Sample

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Additional language for children Essay Sample

Community schools are run and funded by the local authority who also employs the staff and determined the admission criteria. The school follows the national curriculum. The LA offer support services such as additional support language for children whom their first language is not English. They also the resources for the community such as offering courses for adult. School is very engage with the community.

Academies run themselves and are independent from the Local Education Authority (LEA). They are funded by themselves and usually sponsorships from the local business.

Faith school are partially funded by the government and teaches an extra subject related to their religion.
The admission criteria are decided by the school. The school has to follow the national curriculum.

Specialist schools follow the national curriculum but aim to excel in a chosen specialism for example language, art, music, etc… They can also specialise in special need and allow children to learn at their own pace and nee. Independent schools are privately run schools and do not have to follow the national curriculum. They offer a wide choice of learning or a learning which is tailored to the child’s need. The admission process is determined by the head teacher and the governing body who are responsible of running the school. Their main source of funding comes from the tuition fees they get from parents

2. Know how schools are organised in terms of roles and responsibilities
2.1 Describe roles and responsibilities of :
• School governors
• Senior management team
• Other statutory roles e.g. SENCO
• Teachers
• Support staff

Roles responsibilities
School governors
Governors meet regularly with pupils and teachers to discuss if there is any issue.
They make good conscience decisions that benefit the schools. They hold the head teacher accountable for the educational performance of the school and the children.

A governor has to ensure that the school budget is spending where needed.
They check if the goal of the schools is met. If not they have to discuss and reach a decision to remedy the situation.

Senior management team
The SMT are the foundation management team which comprises the head teacher, deputy head and the year group leaders. Their job is to ensure that the school runs smoothly
Other statutory roles e.g. SENCO
SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator)

The SENCO is responsible for making sure the SEN policy is followed in school, and they also have to co-ordinate the specific provision made for individual pupils with SEN, including those who are receiving SEN support and those who have EHC plans.
Some of the SENCO responsibilities are as follow :
• Co-ordinating provision for children with SEN
• Advising how to provide the right SEN support
• Liaising with the relevant teacher where a ‘looked after’ pupil has SEN
• Act as a key point of contact with external agencies, especially the local authority and its support services

The principal role of a teacher is to prepare lesson and to teach them.
A teacher have many roles such as :
– Role model : pupil can look up to, listen, follow and respect
– A parent when the child comes from a broken family or lacking affection.
– A counsellor if a pupil is going through a difficult time

A teacher\’s role is a multifaceted profession. A teacher responsibility is to evaluate student progress and maintain discipline in the classroom. The teacher has to also communicate the child’s progress to their parents. They might also run extra – curriculum activities.

Support staff
Teacher Assistant is to assist the teacher in the daily activity
A teacher assistant responsibility is to teach on pupil or a group of children with different topics. You should make sure that the children are engaged in their lesson and their progress if monitored. In case of any issues, for example if the child cannot concentrate or have a challenging behaviour, it needs to be reported so the right support can offered to the child.

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