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Global warming is the continuous rise in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere specifically at the troposphere. It is one of the enormous existing environmental problems that we, as earth’s inhabitants, should address properly since the intense effect of global warming can already be experienced throughout the world and causes of this occurrence are a result mainly of human activities. Above all, one of the primary issues is how the

issues is how the environment can sustain the needs of its inhabitants in the near future if there is an existing threat of global warming.

To address the problem appropriately, one should first have a thorough understanding and analysis of its occurrence. Global warming, in this regard, occurs due to human activities (such as deforestation, burning of fossil fuels and an increase of green houses emission) as well as natural causes such as volcanic eruption. Primarily, the major effect of global warming is climate change because it contributes to a significant alteration on the earth’s climatic pattern, in which basically a measure of precipitation, wind and temperature. Global warming is also accountable for the rising of the sea level, polar cup melt down and siltation.  This occurrence has alarming effects on people such as on human health (increase in temperature can risk human health due to increase in bacterial infection), and on animals and plants (because of changes in the cycle of food chain).

            Having assessed the issues brought about by global warming, it is important that the earth’s inhabitants should play a key role to prevent it from worsening. Investigate and be educated enough on how we can apply on our daily lives the reduction of the release of green house gases on the atmosphere and prevention of other major causes from arising. Participating in local and national environmental protection programs is also necessesary for us to perform our duty of protecting mother earth.


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