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There are many different government agencies in the United States that help protect and secure the American airports, government buildings, communities, and the nation from any dangerous threats facing the United States of America. The federal bureau of investigation os one of the top agencies that fight international and domestic terrorists and terrorism threats inside and outside of the United States. FBI mission is to lead and coordinate intelligence efforts that drive actions to protect the United States and to develop comprehensive understanding of the threats and penetrate national and networks that have a desire and capacity to harm us. Terrorism is a high priority in the US for why we have so many agencies to track and prevent attack. Many of us in the society are not ready for a bioterrorism attack, and we need to make some changes on making society feel their nation is prepared in the event of a bioterrorist attack. We need the our medical and health departments especially emergency rooms to be in the front line because medical attention would be needed immediately (Sagun, 2013).

The facilities with fully equipped doctors and medical emergency staff to handle any type or event of a sudden attack. There are people who would do research and come up to many medicine including antibiotics for any incident that there is no cure for. Plan for separation department and where we can do testing and try to use it for cure. Since 11, 2001, the United States has taken as many precautions as necessary, new acts through the Patriot Act and gone to war. When talking about terrorism, it’s hard to adjust and plan new things. Another changes that could criminal justice agency that combat terrorism more effectively though. One of those changes could be keeping track thousands of foreign nationals that enter this country on a yearly basis. Even though, it’s nearly impossible to complete this task, it should not be considered and knowing what is the purpose is in being here. Think about how United States went through so many obstacles throughout history but everyone need to work on it together.

A new counter-terrorism strategy also wanted that foreign countries continue to harbor fugitives who are well known to the intelligence agencies but operations overseers are hampered by human rights legislation. Terrorist are very smart that their technique increasingly using technology including how to know Google Earth and Street view to how terrorist will attack add on planning to launch cyber attacks. Governments should establish a new legal framework for intercepting communications and obtaining data. Terrorism used their extremist to scare the public into meeting their demands. Their tactics are generally extremely violent and they will do whatever to strike fear into the hearts of those they deem to be their enemy. If we can find out all the ways they may attack, it will be much easier to set up defenses and stop them before they harm any innocent people like how they did in 9/11.

I believe giving and help education, healthcare and lifting people out of poverty. We wasting so much money each month on the failed war in Afghanistan where we could be build schools, provide humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees. Other countries will be happy and will make more friends building clinics, school and vaporizing people with Hellfire missiles. One of the greatest tools or idea that can be used to combat terrorism is to simply get citizens involved and make sure they understand how important to report anything that are suspicious to them and act fast. Having the society get involved is one of the powerful ways to fight terrorism. It can give the authorities thousands of eyes and ears to watch for suspicious behavior (Homeland Security, 2014)

The best tool against terrorism and the perspectives that generate it is the internet. Young people raised in fundamentalist ideologies are not stupid but isolated and indoctrinated. The light of day and the water of other perspectives will help them question what they are told. In a practical equivalent example, people raised in abusive or oppressive environments are victims too and thus simply blaming them or assuming they are the same is nonproductive. Showing them the better alternatives is, I think the solution. The problem is that often what the west offers in not as wholesome or attractive as it could be to be really inviting. We can make America free of terrorism and terrorist attacks by taking charge as citizens of the world through focus on our government and make our own government accountable to human rights and freedoms for all people of the world.


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