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Admissions Essay (graphic designer) Essay Sample

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Admissions Essay (graphic designer) Essay Sample

Although computers do not have a long history of relationship with humans, but now life without computer seems impossible. As the computer has touched almost every aspect of human life, definitely art has no exception and graphic designing has given a new shape to the field of art, in fact, a new life. Designers are considered the trendsetters in today’s fashions. They create visual solutions and use a variety of print, electronic and film media and technologies to execute a design that meets clients’ needs.

Yes, I want to become a graphic designer in the fashion and entertainment industry. It has been my dream since I was in my middle school. I see a bright career for myself in this field, as I am fascinated with computer and how it portrays art. The reason behind choosing the Graphic Design is that the graphic designers are people with a desire to create and I love to create things in the field of fashion and entertainment. I am confident that God has provided me artistic abilities and it would be a successful career for me.

I have already attended two other high schools – Binghamton High School, NY and Ellenville High School, NY. Besides where I am now–Middletown High School-NY Clubs-Student Government Participant, Sister to Sister, Creative Writing Club, Key Club, NJROTC-currently, Yearbook club-currently, Big Brother Big Sister, Cheerleader, tried out cross country, volunteered for the boys and girls club in Binghamton and completed the about face program.

The reasons behind choosing FIDM among all other choices is that the FIDM has many connections with the right industry and this is very difficult for other colleges to provide this facility. The other reason is that there are no two opinions that California is a state of opportunity.

After graduation from FIDM, I would like to play an active role in the fashion and entertainment industry with the graphic design.

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