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What should adobe do? Should they focus on Edocs or ebooks? Huge market opportunity in ebooks Shortening the value stream by bypasses the middleman thereby putting more money in their pocket -No need for storage in a warehouse -No barriers of entry. Direct author publishing- You do not need a publisher to publish your books, simply upload it to the internet How can they win the standard war? Content creation-leveraging its publishing heritage to bring simplicity and ease of use to all aspects of the eBook experience. Provide cost-efficient workflow in which publishers can create books in print and digital formats. Publishers also need to integrate their eBook production with existing systems. Strong historical relationships with publishers and continued to provide then with authoring tools for both print and web publishing. ( ~70% of publshers’ digital archives of print titles were already saved in PDF format. Protect- Dominant rights management software EBX: publisher concerned about security, and they want their distribution channels to protect their eBooks from piracy.

However, recognizing that readers have always shared books, publishers want the option to enable flexible permissions so that consumers can pass along books to friends. Distribution-Online book stores: Enhance r/s with major online bookstores Amazon, barnesandnobles Desktop reader: leverage on it’s dominant position as a desktop reader Establish r/s and maintain Compatibility with leading mobile/e-books devices How can they make money from this market? -Software licensing for authors and publishers to create ebooks -Rights management availability for protection and distribution -Licensing softwares PDAs and ebooks devices frequent consumer demand is the ability to read eBooks on a number of devices.

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