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Adultery seems to be one of the most hurtful sins in any marriage. Adultery can be the determination of whether a marriage is strong or fragile. Many sins can be done I a marriage but adultery is a very serious act of sin. This sin can break up many families and cause many harsh implications that are hard to overcome.

Studies show that adultery is one of the traumatizing sins for many marriages to recuperate from. This sin is hurt, dishonest and just plain terrible to the spouse who has been faithful, throughout the marriage. It causes many psychological and emotional issues within the marriage. The spouse who was lied to becomes very untrusting to the spouse that sinned. Many seek professional help, in order to deal with this agonizing sin.

Many families are destroyed because of adultery. The children in these adulterous marriages are often hurt. Studies show children become less secure their own lives and also damage their own personal relationships when they get into adulthood. Children of adulterous parents have shown to have lower scores in their educational studies. Many studies also state that children in sinful marriages also have non-monogamous relationships of their own.

It is up to a person to decide whether or not he or she is going to commit the adultery to their significant other. Temptation comes from evil. It is said in the “Our Father” leads not into temptation but, deliver us from evil. Those who think about the long term consequences of what adultery can lead them into should pray and ask God for guidance. More over fifty percent of marriages lead into divorce due this sin.

Some marriages with strong religious faith can pull through this tough ordeal, while many other others fall apart. Statistics show that cheating is the number one cause of the divorce rate being so high. Many of those who cheat, have many excuses of why they went outside the marriage. One of the excuses the adulterous say is lack of intimacy with their spouse. Others that cheat state, that they felt no love or appreciation at home. They also
high cases in the military families due to the stressors of either being deployed overseas or being home with the kids. Many cheaters state that it was exciting and felt good at the moment. This in turn has also a health issues with high sexually transmitted diseases and HIV in many marriages. Many of the innocent spouses become infected without thinking that their spouse has been sleeping around with someone else. Studies show a rising number of aids cases in marriages that the spouse has given to the other spouse. It some cases many spouses are unaware that the spouse is cheating on them. Many of the children are conceived from the act of these cheaters.

Social networking has become an major issue in many of the divorces happening today. Studies show that facebook, chat rooms and other social networking to have a big influence on people who re married and having small issues, heading into the cyber world looking for that person to fulfill that void that they are feeling at home.

I have personally have been through a marriage that was nothing but a lie. I was married to a man who served in the United States Navy. I took my vows very seriously. I was not marries in the house of God but, marriage to me was and still is a very sacred relationship between a women and a man. I was married for a little over nine years to a man who was committing adultery for the whole entire marriage. I tried counseling to save the marriage but it did not save the marriage. He was not ready to put an end to cheating. It was an evil poison to our marriage. The adultery destroyed my self esteem. I became extremely depressed. It took away the confidence I had in trusting people in general. It made me angry and my kids became affected by the whole thing. It has taken me through some emotional rides that I had to surpass and overcome. I always look to God for my strength to heal and continue on.

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