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Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Small Community Essay Sample

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Small Community Essay Sample

In the past, most people lived in small villages where everyone could know everyone else . However, along with social devepment, they tend to move to large cities. As a result, life changing affects people changing. In this essay, I would explore the advantages and disadvantages of living in a small community. In my view, Therese were many merits of living in a small town. Firstly, villager’s occupation was related to natural source such as farming and fishery. Take one example, inhabitant lived and worked together in field during the day. Inevitably, this activity needed cooparation among many people to support each other, so it caused raising closed social interaction among them. Secondly, owing to a small quantity of inhabitants, they were easy to know everyone who occupied around circumstance; therefore, a small comunity had local wisdom that was easy followed by almost village members. They could deeply understand each other and build up their strong relationship. The last but not least is that village life was quite simple and slow.

People of village earned money just maked end meet themself as well as their family, thus there was no competition in village that caused stress and every people had essential position in their social community. Along with beautiful environment and fresh air, which was good place for taking rest and pleasure. However, there are also demerits. The first drawback was the limited opportunities for works. People in small villages were used to doing the job that had been handed down from generation to generation . For example, if their ancestors were farmer, their job might be farmer or something related to agriculture. Most of their daily conversations were just about agriculture. They had less knowledge about politics or other subjects and also they were difficult to get information from other resources; as a consequence, people who lived in small villages developed the community very slowly.

Secondly, it was very hard for people who live in a small community to take chances to study and have healthy life, because villages are duplicate with poor education, healthcare as well as infrastructures. Besides, because of having too closer relationship, it sometime disturbs someone’s privacy. Some inhabitants thought that their own was other’s own, and their problem was also other’s problem. So, it would attract bad effects in their daily mood and well-being To sum up, I trust that living in a small village gave many positive effects than its negatives. However, local governments should pay more particular attention to notice education, healthcare, and infrastructure improvement for small villages. Beside that, the villagers would rather open their mind for sharing and accepting knowledge with other small communities.

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