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Advantages and disadvantages of social media Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Social media is a phenomenon that seemed to overtake us overnight. Many hard-core, died- in-the -wool marketers simply sat and scratched their heads as the wave approached. Some of them are still scratching away. Yet social media is just exploiting the core element of the Internet — connecting and engaging. As technology has advanced, communities have grown and as personal computers have become so small that they fit in your pocket, we have found every reason and every opportunity to connect with each other online. For the internet marketer, these are exciting times. Every company should have a social media strategy and engage the opportunity for everything that it is worth if you want to take the power of the internet to the max. Some organizations have done particularly well here, while others have been less fortunate. It’s important to do the appropriate amount of research before crafting a social media marketing strategy and to understand the differences among all the social media outlets. What are the advantages and disadvantages of easily obtainable information?

Here are some of the advantage

s of obtainable information that people today use every day. * Communication: Keeping in touch

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with friends and family has never been easier using social networking sites, chat rooms, and IM.
* Services: Online banking, making, reservations, shopping, seeking a job, and looking for advice are easy to do with twenty four hour a day convenience. * Students: Students can do homework check class forums and communicate between classmates.

There are also disadvantages with easily obtainable information. * Theft: Personal information and other pertinent information can be obtained via the Internet from profiles and places some shop making can be a breeding ground for identity thieves.

* Immorality: Thousands of sites with pornography and other immoral materials.

* Accuracy: Not all information available is correct and authentic. What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media?
The advantages can be Simplicity, primarily, It is relatively easy to get your message to the customers and also fairly easy to actually target the customers in the first place. Companys can use social media to gather a lot of information about their clients and prospects and they can also use it to build customer relations. If they know what they are doing and have a little bit of luck on their side their messages can go viral and be picked up by thousands or millions of people, who may have been outside of their marketing arena. Before they know it, they could have more interest and more hits to your website than they know what to do with. The disadvantages are, Well, so long as people are thoughtful, careful, above board and respect the priorities of the various social media sites, there really shouldn’t be too many disadvantages. However, if they break any of these golden rules, they could find that your social media engagement backfires in a big way.

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