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  1. What are some advantages and disadvantages to using computer technology in decision making?

There are plenty of advantages of using computers in decision making. With the help of computers it is possible to process huge amounts of different information within minimal periods of time. Moreover, computer and automated technologies can operate and incorporate huge amounts of various input data that is particularly important during the process of complex decision making. Besides, computer technologies can offer a number of tools (i.e. visualization tools, etc.) which can make decision making process more effective.

Another important benefit of automated decision making is giving an opportunity to managers to spend more time for other complex decision making or any related activities. Finally, another important advantage is constant development and improvement of computer technologies. Modern automated technologies are able not only to store and retrieve previous decisions from the database, but also prioritize and anticipate coming decisions, as well as even roughly estimate their possible consequences.

At the same time, the main disadvantage of computer technology is its inflexibility. Computers can base the decisions only on rational processing and quantifiable data, at that neglecting such “human factors” as intuition, emotional interpretation, experience, etc. Also, nowadays modern advanced computer technologies are becoming more and more costly. In particular, extra resources (both human and financial) have to be spent for instructing or training company’s employees to operate computer software, etc.

Undoubtedly, there are both benefits and risks of introducing computers or other elements of automated technology into the process of decision making. Therefore, specialists underline that the best solution for increasing the effectiveness of decision making is combining the strengths and advantages of both computer and human decision making potentials (Cummings & Bruni, 2005).


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