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Requirement Analysis for ARENA:

•The League Owner requests the creation of a tournament.

•The system checks if the League Owner has exceeded the number of tournaments in the league or in the arena. If not, the system presents the League Owner with a form.

•The League Owner specifies a name, application start and end dates during which Players can •Apply to the tournament, start and end dates for conducting the tournament, and a maximum Number of players.

•The system asks the League Owner whether an exclusive sponsorship should be sought and, if •Yes, presents a list of Advertisers who expressed the desire to be exclusive sponsors.

•If the League Owner decides to seek an exclusive sponsor, he selects a subset of the names of the proposed sponsors.

•The system notifies the selected sponsors about the upcoming tournament and the flat fee for Exclusive sponsorships.

•The system communicates their answers to the League Owner.

•If there are interested sponsors, the League Owner selects one of them.

•The system records the name of the exclusive sponsor and charges the flat fee for sponsorships to The Advertiser’s account. From now on, all advertisement banners associated with the tournament are provided by the exclusive sponsor only.

•If no sponsors were selected (either because no Advertisers were interested or the League Owner did not select any), the advertisement banners are selected at random and charged to each Advertiser’s account on a per unit basis.

•Once the sponsorship issues are closed, the system prompts the League owner with a list of groups of Players, Spectators, and Advertisers that could be interested in the new tournament.

•The League Owner selects which groups to notify.
•The system creates a home page in the arena for the tournament. This page is used as an entry point to the tournament (e.g., to provide interested Players with a form to apply for the tournament and to interest Spectators 1into watching matches).

•At the application start date, the system notifies each interested user by sending them a link to the main tournament page. The Players can then apply for the tournament with the ApplyFor Tournament use case until the application end date. •leagueowners, advertiser, and players are all must be class of user.

•All games me inside of module of games.

•All tournaments style must be in there class.

•All interested groups that like to play tournament must call it with proper way.

•The operator should be able to define new games, define new tournament styles (e.g., knock-out tournaments, championships, best of series), define new expert rating formulae, and manage users.

•League owners should be able to define a new league, organize and announce new tournaments within a league

•Players should be able to register in an arena, apply for a league, and play the matches that are assigned to the player, or drop out of the tournament

•System advertiser should be able to upload new advertisements, select an advertisement scheme (e.g., tournament sponsor, league sponsor), check balance due, and cancel advertisements.

•System should provide a framework for league owners to customize the number and sequence of matches and the accumulation of expert rating points.

•System should provide an infrastructure for advertisers.

•All users should be able to access any arena with a web browser supporting cookies, Java-script, and Java applets.

•Anonymous users register with an Arena for a Player or a LeagueOwneraccount. User accounts are required before applying for a tournament or organizing a league. Spectators do not need accounts.

•The Operator accepts registrations from leagueowners and for Players, cancels existing accounts, and interacts with users about extending their accounts.

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