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Advertisements are used to persuade and encourage a target audience into purchasing a particular good or service. This is done through many techniques and conventions. Advertisements are used to arouse emotions and feelings of a particular audience, either gaining or discouraging them into purchasing that good or service. The advertisement for Fisher and Paykel’s intuitive washing machine is persuading both men and women who preferably have families to purchase the product. This is done through many techniques, conveying today’s society of both men and women.

The written language, “Yes, it’s a man lifting a finger” is constructed and directed to gain the interest of women into purchasing the washing machine so that the ‘men’ can capably operate the washing machine without any mishaps or without any assistance from the women. The name of the washing machine, ‘intuitive’ suggests that men can not think for themselves, and are not capable of operating any similar machines without the help of a stereotypical housewife. The written text also comprehends that once you have purchased this product that women will have a lot more time on their hands, and men will be able to do the work that women do.

This ad is quite successful, having been published in the popular Vogue magazine. It was published in mid winter 2002. Back then the ad would have conveyed its message well to the general public, and still would now due to the ads modern approach.

The context is almost symbolic and categorizes men and women. It exemplifies that men are lazy and that women are housewives which probably is most likely to be true in the society of the day. The ad attracts both men and women. The women would believe that once they have purchased this ‘every one can share the load’ and not just them doing all the work. The men would be under the impression that if he bought one for there wife she would be impressed, and she will have more time on her hands because he can use it as efficiently as she can.

The Fisher and Paykel’s Intuitive eco washing machine is so fantastically easy to use that by pressing a button ‘It chooses the best way to
hygienically clean and care for your clothes.’ This amounts to having someone else, perhaps a cleaning staff member do your washing for you. The advert permits for everybody in the family to have the same ability ‘and it’s all at your family’s finger tips.

Colour is an important aspect of advertisement. The ad uses mellow light colours such as light blue and white. The product presentation is visually colour pleasing, looks easy to clean, simple step by step buttons to follow, and a happy animated happy face on the liquid crystal display. This presentation would make anybody want to buy the product.

This advertisement uses a selection of ways to attract men and women, and conveys them in two separate ways. In some aspects of the advertisement it reflects and reinforces the fact that men are lazy, and women are housewives. It maybe even infer the traditional, men are hunters and women are gatherers. The power of advertising through words and pictures creates an image in the eyes of the beholder. That image determines how well the product will sell and to which gender of the market.

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