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A goal of communication is informing target audience and/or consumers about the company’s product features. One communication goal is that the target audience will see the brand and product in the first month of the product launch. The target audience will see this through social media and email blasts sent from the brands’ (Orange) sister companies. Advertising exposure will also be another communication goal because there will be a vast amount of individuals that will immediately be exposed to the ads that will be on the social media sites since the target audience are a part of the generation that is keeping social media one of the most influential forms of communication. With the social media craze, people are still in touch with newspapers, radio and television. These goals allow consumers to gather information during the initial stage of their purchasing decisions. Purchasing Behavior

Purchasing behavior is the decision processes and acts of people involved in buying and using the products, which will ultimately be the consumer. The purchasing behavior of the consumers buying the product will be of a trend. Since the quality of the product will feature style and be cost effective the trend of the product will be easy. Everyone wants to have something stylish and sleek that will get a lot of compliments that will not break the pockets. The brand is reliable and has a great reputation so it is no doubt the products will sale. Positioning

According to the book written by Al Ries and Jack Trout “Positioning: The battle for your Mind” positioning is described as a communication tool used to reach target customers in a crowded marketplace. Getting into the mind of the consumer is all about positioning the product. So, with that being said, the new product being launched will create a unique position in the mind of the consumer because they are always bombarded with a lot of advertising, naturally the mind will remember the first and the most consistent advertisement. So, to be remembered you would have to be the first, the most consistent or just simply be creative and unique. Advertising Strategy

Product Concept
A product concept proposes that consumers will prefer products that have better quality, performance and features as opposed to a normal product. It is a detailed description of an idea, which is described from the perspective of the customer, the customer being the target audience of the uPad. The concept is applicable in some niches such as the Orange’s uPad. Oranges’ uPad will focus on the needs of the consumer because that is very important and ultimately they are the people who will purchase the product, the uPad. The uPad will appeal to the consumer because it will offer different features for the different age groups in the target market. A part of the product concept will be to get the viewpoints of the customers to help determine what they actually think and find out if there are any gaps. This will be done through focus groups and surveys that will involve a niche of the target audience. Here’s an example of the survey:

Target Audience

The target audience for Orange’s uPad young adults and adults between the ages of 18-35 which will mainly include the population of students and young developing professionals that are expected to have a comfortable monthly income. The target audience will be attracted flashy, stylish and sleek user-friendly devices. They will be tech savvy and always in the know on the new things. Communications Media

Communication media is in retrospect mass media because it basically just receives and delivers data and information. Orange uPad will use social media as the primary communication medium because the target audience is more likely to be on social media and see an advertisement or read a blog about the product for reviews. There will also be advertisements on television and there will be radio spots that will attract the attention of the target audience. Print media will be in magazines and newspapers that have an already established target audience who are similar to that of Orange’s uPad. Here is an example of a 30 second television spot:


Fade up from black
The commercial will open with the friends sitting on the sofa watching television for 4 seconds 2

The black video will last for 1 second
Run time sub-total: 5seconds

Fade from black
The opening scene will be a group of friends sitting on the sofa watching television; looking extremely bored Vocal music playing: low television static. The scene will last for 10 seconds.

About 2 seconds into the scene, a text graphic will appear over the commercial saying: “BORED ” The graphic will last about 8 seconds

When graphic appears, a voiceover will also occur saying:
Run time sub-total: 15 seconds

Zoom to television
10-second scene of a Orange uPad commercial showing on the television Music changes to the most popular song at the moment.
Run time sub-total: 5 secondsDissolve
3 second scene of the friends getting excited jumping up and hi-fiving one another, then running out the door with cartoon oranges in their eyes

Fade to out to black
2 second fade out to black
Run time sub-total: 30 seconds

Media Objectives
Media objectives are stated in three dimensions; reach, frequency and continuity. Reach is the number of different households or persons that will be exposed to a media vehicle at least once during a specified time. So, for Orange uPad the reach will be a million hits a week on social media sites, the hits will be by persons within the target audience because the target audience utilizes social media on numerous occasions daily. There will be a television commercial in the evenings during the scheduled popular televisions shows on the channels that the target audience is likely to watch. Frequency is the number of times within a given time period will that consumer be exposed to a message, so, the frequency will be similar to the reach. Continuity measures the timing of the media assertions. The continuity will increase as the holiday months become closer. Media Plan

A media plan covers four stages, which are stating media objectives, evaluating media, selecting/ implementing media choices and determining the media budget. With the media objectives, the three dimensions were stated earlier in the paper. When evaluating media, advertising rely heavily on the primary research findings provided by the medium and by the own experience. The primary research will be with focus groups and questionnaires similar to the example provided earlier. Selection and implementation of Orange’s uPad will be measured similar to AC Nielsen, he measured audiences based on TV viewer reports of the programs watched while outdoor audience exposure estimates are based on counts of the number of automobile vehicles that pass particular outdoor poster locations.

Determining the media budget is just a portion of the advertising budget and they use the same methods as the advertising budget. So, with that being said, media outlets with multiple senses are more expensive than one sense and the quality will ultimately influence the cost as well. This is why social media will be the primary source of advertising for Orange’s uPad. A text ad on the Internet can be free or really cheap and with the Internet craze going on right now, the Internet is the most effective way to disseminate information. Communication Effectiveness

Effective communication takes place only when the listener clearly understands the message that the speaker intended to send. So, in this case the listener will be the advertising team and the speaker will be the consumer/ target audience of Orange uPad. There is only success when the communication is effective so do the proper research and advertise with the correct vehicles, the consumer will definitely purchase the product because it will be something they wanted or needed and the advertiser will know that because there was effective communication. Advertising Message

The message of the Orange uPad is simple. It is stylish, sleek and a must
have in the new season. The tablet and Smartphone love child is here and you don’t want to miss out.

Ries, A., & Trout, J. (1986). Positioning: The battle for your mind. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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