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Affirmative Actions Foe Countries Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

1.Yes, the affirmative action is morally defensible because is sanctioned and required by the constitution to achieve real equality. It is designed to reduce the dangerous levels of inequality in our society and ease the pressure on our social order. It is not a reverse discrimination as it seeks to achieve an objectively goal.The affirmative action is aimed at addressing the imbalances of the past, and it is in the best interest of society to promote the general well being of as many of its citizens as possible. Our constitution is not color blind and recognize the need to take race and gender into account when making certain decisioNs. Ever since affirmative action was implemented, black people, women and the disabled which were previously discriminated are now given equal opportunities in certain work places. The fundamental purpose of affirmative action is to further equal opportunities and prevent discrimination. Importantly , its programs have a positive impact not only on women,people of color, the disabled but all members of the society.

2.According to my knowledge, united states is the country that has successfully implemented affirmative action because they are the ones that designed it, they made sure that they had to make it succeed and lead by an example.The united states of America used affirmative action to promote racial preference through implementation of various acts of inequality. United states department of labor implemented affirmative action by offering out reach campaigns, targeted recruitment, employed and management development and employee support programs. President John.F designed affirmative action in the united states as a tool to address discrimination in the 1960’s, and to ensure that applicants are employed, employees are treated fairly during employment without regard to their race, color or language. He pointed that freedo

m is not enough,people should seek not just freedom but opportunities. America is a stronger country

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today because of affirmative action. Diversity pays economically, psychologically. The history of affirmative action in the united states it a true success story.

3. South Africa chose to implement affirmative action to make sure that qualified people( black people, women and the disabled are given equal opportunities. And for those leading a comfortable lives today, it signifies a new form of discrimination and injustice. If affirmative action is handled well,it will help bind, unite the nation and produce better benefits for everyone, and if its handled badly,it can destroy social peace , damage economy and re-distribute resentment. SOUTH AFRICA is a country with a huge imbalances between the rich and the poor created by the previous apartheid and racial laws to discriminate against blacks. In order to imbalance these inequalities south Africa gad to implement affirmative action policies.The policy is justifiable in that it is aimed at creating equitable society. On moral grounds,the government of this country has a responsibility to make a good faith effort to remedy the effects of past discrimination. There is a progress but there is still a long way to go,as a nation we have made a progress in recent years in creating equal access to opportunity, but there is still much of work to be done. And for it to continue being successful, it needs the support of the s0ciety.

4. I don’t see any need why affirmative action should stop after a certain period of time because it has provided many opportunities for the previously disadvantaged people (black people, women and the disabled). Affirmative action itself is a proven solution to addressing discrimination and promoting equal opportunities. For as long as these inequalities exist, the policy cannot be discontinued because of the legacy that existed for a long time. It will take a long time before the different racial groups could fully participate in all areas of the economy. Ending affirmative action would end dreams of opportunity for many people, policies and programs to ensure equality of opportunity provide only the assurance that many women, people of color,veterans and the disabled have that so that they can be complete and fairly evaluated for jobs and educational opportunities.

5.I think that in certain sectors of the economy, discrimination still exists. People are discriminated according to their race, color and language. Also those certain sectors, I don’t think that they have implemented policies like affirmative action policy.Racial discrimination ,in contrast , has no rational and objective premise and simply appeals to the basest of human instincts. Affirmative action calls for fairness. Under affirmative action,those who make hiring and admission decisions are only responsible for giving all candidates a fair chance to be evaluated , regardless of gender or race.the essence of affirmative action is an opportunity.

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