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After graduating from high school, I wanted to be a successful business woman an own my own business someday. In order to do so, I have to further my education. So, I came up with some career goal I set for myself. I decided I want to be a Business Administrator. First, I had to figure out what exactly a Business Administrator is and how to become one. Second, I want to know how much this profession pays and the responsibilities that comes with it and will I have to relocate to get the highest pay possible? After taking everything into consideration finally, I decide to enroll in the Associates in Arts program at Miami Dade College and start working on my career path. I have to admit it’s a big step for me to take but if I want to be a successful Business Administrator, I have to be prepared. First of all, what is a Business Administrator?

A Business Administrator works in all types of offices. I might find myself in a small start-up business as well as a large organization. The organizations can be as follows: Marketing (promoting products, services and public relation. Average salary through 2020, a 14% in growth. Human Resources Managers average salary through 2020 a 13% in growth estimated 99,180 estimated salary a year. Health

Financial Manager average salary through 2020 a 9% in growth estimated 103,910 a year. Manufacturing Sales
Non-profits companies
Secondly, what is the role of a Business Administrator?
A business Administrator does the basic tasks that need to be done at an organization. The organization rely on you as the Business Administrator. A Business Administrator oversees:
Building Schedules
Record Keeping
Transportation Services
Technological Resources
Safety Standards
Insurance Plans

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects this career area to grow by 15% through 2020 (about as fast as average) and command a median salary of 77,890 per year.

The cores of a Business Administrator is strategy, support and leadership. A strategy is almost always used to tackle any task. The operation must run smoothly and how I produce, market and finance my business has to be planned out before I can start. A strategy (plan) set the bases for starting and finishing a task. Secondly, support is another important factor. Hiring skilled, dependable people and keeping track of my business is effective management. I have to be able to lead a team of people give the instruction and guidance. The leader display leadership skills at all times. A Business Administrator has a big responsibility and I am up for the challenge. In general, a Business Administrator must look after many daily operations dealing with human and material resources plus made sure that the business in carry out what it set out to do such as complying with contracts. Next, what is the salary of Business Administrator?

A Business Administrator’s salary varies on level of experience and work on the job. The average Business Administrator’s salary is between $26,000 and 76,500 dollars a year. Take a look at the states that pays the highest salaries for a Business Administrator. For example; Texas, Washington, California, New Jersey, Virginia, Michigan and Georgia. There is a very large range based on various organizations, their level of success and size.

Finally, how do I become a Business Administrator?

First of all, I need an Associate’s in Arts degree. Forty (40) credits is required to get an AA. Six credits for English I and English II. Three credit for Speech Communication. Three credits for Critical Thinking/Ethics. Three credits for Introduction to Philosophy. Three credits for Principle of Economics. Three credits for Psychology Personal Effectiveness. Three credits for Introduction to Marine Biology. Three credits for Introduction to Oceanography. Three credits for College Algebra. Three credits for Business Calculus. Three credits for Statistics. Three credits for Introduction to Micro Computers and eleven electives to help me decide what pathway I want to take. After I get my Associate’s in Art, then I have to earn by Bachelor’s Degree from an upper level university. Being prepared for the Global world in which we live is of the essence.

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