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Aids Condoms and Carnival Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Aids Condoms and Carnival is about low income countries that are suffering from AIDS and HIV. It is hard for the government to give them help because the resident might not want to or because some of the help is too expensive. In India they are doing a program that gives free condoms at Barber shops because it is the best place for the citizens to go and talk about their personal things. In my opinion condoms are a protector of death because it can protect you from a disease that is going to kill you. 1. Comment on the Brazilian and Indian governments’ strategies for the prevention of AIDS via the marketing of condoms. The Government strategies for the prevention of AIDS in Brazil and India is very good. They are trying everything they can so the resident can get

protected. The only thing is that they should make condoms cheaper for low income families. It is a

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necessity for the two countries.

2. How is the AIDS problem different in the United States compared with Brazil and India? In my opinion The United States had more knowledge and are not afraid to go buy condoms. They are more educated in the area of HIV and AIDS. Of course not all Americans are like this but the majority are concern about using a condom especially women in my personal opinion. 3. Would the approaches described in Brazil and India work in the United States? Why or why not? Yes, I think we love free things if they would put condoms at barber shop guys would take it. Condoms are a bit over price for the lower income families but it is a necessity for them as well.

4. Suggest additional ways that London International Group could promote the prevention of AIDS through the use of condoms worldwide. I think the best idea is to advertise with a celebrity young people need a popular face that is not afraid of buying condoms and being safe. For older generations I would say sports commercial. 5. Do you think it would be a good idea for Coke and Pepsi to participate in a condom distribution program in India, Brazil, and the United States? Yes I think it is a great idea, because Pepsi and Coke are large corporations that can let people know while drinking their coke or Pepsi.

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