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Introduction of TOPIC

Airbus is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial jetliners and military air lifters. Airbus established in 1970, introduced the first wide-bodied twin engine aircraft. Airbus is recognized for its innovative design and technology, which offers fuel saving and maintenance advantages over its competitors. Airbus employees over 55,000 people at sixteen sites in four European countries: Germany, France, The United Kingdom, and Spain. This paper contains information external and internal analysis, business and functional level strategy of airbus.

This helps us to understand airbus critical success factors, resources, capabilities and helps to assess the future competition for the organization. The Mission of Airbus is to create the best and safest airplane. Airbus mission is to meet the needs of airlines and operators by producing the most modern and comprehensive aircraft family on the market, complemented by the highest standard of product support. 

 Airbus has contributed significantly to the aviation industry’s improved eco-efficiency over the past decades. According to In 1985, the average aircraft fleet consumed eight liters per passenger per 100 kilometers today it is less than five liters, with an anticipated drop to three liters in 15-20 years.

The airline industry is subject to changes in the political environment as it has a numerous direction on the travel habits of its customers. An unbalanced political environment causes uncertainty in the minds of the air travelers, for instance the political stability of the United States was severely trembled by the terrorist events of September 11, 2001, and this directly resulted in a devastating drop in airlines business in that time.

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