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Ais Assignment Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

These steps prescribe benefit to the organization during major natural or unnatural disruptions. If complete functionality of the organization is not possible, the organization can mitigate potential disruptions by working towards making essential functions of the organization available. Top 4 steps the organization should take now to mitigate the potential disruptions from another major natural or unnatural disruption such as Hurricane Sandy: 1.Account for all employees and staff members, their safety and well-being: oContact information should be kept for all staff members and be made available to staff members that can make contact with the other staff members.

2.Account for all available resources to aide in performing esse

ntial functions: oConfirm all available persons to continue operations (at work site if possible) to

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Choose a Membership Plan
the highest level possible. oTeamwork is necessary – all members must work together and help each other out.

3.Confirm lines of communication are available:

oEnsuring lines of communication are available should be the top priority. oIf not available, efforts towards restoring phone lines and emails should be made. For example, if staff members are not able to physically be present at the office, phone lines should be forwarded to cell or secondary lines of communication. Availability of email should also be a priority (ie. if network is down, getting it up and running should be a priority). oStatus updates should be made regularly to the entire group by management to keep all staff members.

4.Contingency planning:
oManagement should be prepared with list of essential activities that the company in the state of major disruption should begin to address.
oManagement should confirm essential activities are being addressed in the order of importance or necessity. oIt should be confirmed there are staff members that are able to perform essential activities. Additionally, back up for the critical functions should also be prepared as best as possible.

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