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Are children of alcoholics more likely to be alcoholics themselves? In answering the question, researchers sampled 451 people in Alcoholics Anonymous to see how many would say that one, or both, of their parents were alcoholics. People in AA used in the study currently attend AA somewhere in Ohio, Michigan, or Indiana and were asked by people in charge of the local AA programs to volunteer to fill out a survey. The research found that 77 percent of the respondents had at least one parent they classified as an alcoholic. The study also surveyed 451 people randomly from the same states who claim not to be heavy drinkers. Of the non-heavy drinkers, 23 percent would label at least one of their parents as alcoholic.

1. In your own words, please write the conclusion of this passage. – 3 points

From this passage, it is concluded, that commonly, one or both parents of alcoholics are accounted as alcoholics too. Therefore, it means that usually, children of majority heavy drinkers are also become alcoholics.

2. Please identify the reasons used in this passage. – 3 points

So, author gave several reasons in the form of facts such as questionnaire, for the conclusion above. They made two general surveys, where 451 alcoholics and 451 not alcoholic people were asked. For the first survey, results were justified expectations by 77% out of 100%. By this I mean, that approximately 347 of respondents from AA said that at least of their parents were alcoholics. However, for the next survey, only 23% of whole respondents, who were out from AA approved that one or both their parents were drinkers.

3. What are some weaknesses in the argument, in your opinion? – 5 points

There are some weaknesses in this argument. First, all participants of this study were from only three states, there are Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. It is not sufficient to claim, that it happens all around the world. Secondly, they wrote about non-heavy drinkers too, moreover, from the study, there are alcoholic parents in their family. Consequently, the argument against the fact.

4. What would be an appropriate title for this passage? – 3 points The basic reason of becoming alcoholics is alcoholic parents.

5. Do you think children of alcoholics are more likely to be alcoholics themselves? Explain why. – 6 points Sure, this might be possible claim, because, that kind of children ( with alcoholic parents) live with heavy drinkers from birth. Even, they would be brought up with alcoholics, or it is also possible that they will not have enough attention from their mothers and fathers, so it is more likely, that they will have a bad behavior from their childhood. Although, from my point of view, having a mother or father, who are drinks a lot is not sufficient cause of becoming alcoholic individual. There are other numerous reasons for being dependent on alcohol, such as impatience, being nervous, addicting to bad habits, mental or moral instability and so on. In addition to that, on the contrary, according to the survey, which is done for us, there are still many people who are not depend on their parents, and if their parents are heavy drinkers, it doesn’t affected on them. To conclude, we cannot label the person like alcoholics, just if their parents are alcoholics.

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