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An alien creature is known to be a foreign identity distinct from humans in which follows the structure of film. In the world of film there are many guidelines to be followed, many scripts, many directors, many companies with big budget but few out of many make a mark in culture to be named a classic. The films to be reviewed are off the decade of nineteen eighties where industrialization became major and the war on drugs was at its peak but the media of film was becoming successful due to the modern Hollywood blockbuster format. The genre of alien creature can be relative to the genre of science fiction and an essence of horror creating a subgenre. In our world, film is a series of stills and image composed into media as video in which is very well appreciated with special effect, computer generated images and complex photographing. The filmmaker voices a piece of paper and visualizes it with video for the audiences to understand the depth of the written language and to be captivated in motion picture. The genre of alien creature has two sets of movies in which are remarkable in the fictional script of an extraterrestrial forming to be the antagonist.

In Ridley Scott`s, Alien in which has formed to be one of the biggest media franchises to be a science fiction film in which captures the attention of individuals with its twisted alien in which relates to the structures of the Hollywood block buster as a success. In John Mctiernan `s Predator in which the modern civilized alien to be in control and be able to kill everything in his way, which relates to Hollywood because it was such a classic which relative to following the Hollywood blockbuster format. The film formula is a mapping of the layout of the movie of a genre in which is followed and deals with the plot of a movie. The alien creatures genre film formula consists of a team of people go on a mission, investigate on case, study alien life, gather all necessities, begin to collaborate to form a leader, many deaths the team splits, abandon others survival counts and the last standoff find rescue.

A mission is an act of sending someone or a group of people for specific purpose or tasks to do. The two movies in which fit the genre of alien creature can be compared in order to fit the characteristics of this genre. The first step in the film formula is a crew of people in which are related in some way that have a purpose to pursuit and out of some circumstances they meet begin by encountering an alien in which will cross their paths and become the antagonist. In the film Alien, directed by Ridley Scott starts out in the time far from ours in space in which a spaceship by humans called Nostromo receives a signal of sos in a nearby planet while being in a mining exhibition to receive tons of matter and bring back to earth. The crew of the Nostromo decide to explore the planet in which the sos received by this planet, resetting every twelve seconds. The crew of the members land on this planet, and decide to explore it out of curiosity. The crew at this point has reached the first basic step of receive or develop some form of a plan in order to pursue in which starts the ball rolling in a film for such reasons to end up with the exploration and then encounter with such alien creature.

In the film, Predator, directed by John Mctirernan a group of Commandos are in the amazon receiving orders in order to capture some form of a job to rescue a group of soldiers in captivity or to be rightfully lost. The group of people in which seem to be heavily armed are trained for any situation and have a strong team to pursue any mission, in which the idea behind this one is do a full day mission end up recouping a couple of men probably lost or in captivity bring them over the border and call it a day. The movie starts with the group leader, being the protagonist of the film suggesting to work alone but the FBI must be on the mission in order to investigate on what occurred during the crash of events in the Amazon. The mission is given to the well trained soldiers and they pursue to take the mission taking the helicopters and in the end be in the amazon all by themselves, ready for action. In this particular, step we have both films one taking place in space filled with dark and twisted reality in which fills the drama as a viewer against the soldiers army presence given by the soldiers going to the jungle and loaded with artillery in order for one purpose to find information due to the mission the keeps them curious.

Investigate is a way to examine, study, or inquire systematically or to search and examine in order to find a motive, cause, or explanation for satisfaction as answers. The two films of the genre relative to alien creature go under the second step of investigating a case, in which must place investigation entirely the cause of something in study, examine and inquire for the mission in order to complete the mission by finding an explanation or answers for the satisfaction to end for the curiosity that is dealt with the group of people. In the second step, completing of finding answers on what is happening throughout the mission places a question in which ends up the contact or the path begin to interfere with the alien. In the film alien, directed by Ridley Scott we have the crew finally discovering an unknown spaceship of some sort ready to be explored. The orders under the crew given by the captain and two other crew members plan to discover what really was the sos signal for.

The crew members embark on the mission in the alien spacecraft and to attempt to look for answers find a bunch of skeletons, alien structure, weird artifacts and the final straw and appearance of a life form. In the film, predator, by John Mctirernan shows the appearance of the crew member finally embarking in the jungle looking for answers as to what happened to the crew of people that randomly went missing. The crew find a helicopter completely destroyed in the trees in which seems interesting but places a question on the crew where the other bodies of the individuals are if the count is two and the other remaining six must be lost in the jungle, which is unexplained.

The crew plans to investigate and the interesting fact is there is no evidence to single out for a lead by to just assume by the helicopter wreck what occurred in the amazon. In this particular step we can examine that, the group of individuals in both movies want answers for the occurrence in the film, in which are in a pursue of a mission to complete an the alien is about to be introduced in the film which adds drama to the viewers to keep watching and analyze every detail based on the films. Both crews in this genre are skilled and seem to be professional and seek answers as humans because we are all curious to solve problems in our lives or in society because our instinct allows us to and nature to pursue persistent till answers become visible.

Study is devotion of time or study in order to acquire knowledge on a subject or a mission. The two films of the genre alien creature must follow the third step of the film formula of studying the alien life form or find answers to the questions posed by the mission they are handling and have to deal with. The third step in the film is to allow the alien life form to interact with the crew or group of people and allow it to be studied or find answers into what may have happened, and how it is alien and something discovered before in the past. In the film, alien directed by Ridley Scott finally the crew has discovered a bunch of eggs in the alien spaceship gathered by skeleton and unexplained details in which tie up to the fact that this definitely has never been discovered before and this might change the lives of humans beings and the search on exploration. One of the crew members decides to explore and finds himself in a room filled with eggs in a dark misty environment in which is widespread and filled with these creatures which are apparently moving and as he reached over and by mistake trips and falls the alien creature known as the facehugger, in which breaks into the glass of the helmet of one of the crew members and take possession of his body.

The resulting crew member one of them, being the captain asks Nostromo crew to be aware of an emergency of the alien life form and ask for information on what to do but in his conscience he decides with the other crew member to go back to the ship and save the possessed crew member which has the alien life form. One of the crew members named, Ripley denies to allow entry in the ship, due to quarantine laws and if they alien has killed or taken possession of one of the crew member what can be expected for the other crew members. Ash, one of the crew members decides to overrule Ripley`s decision and study the alien life form and allow the other crew members that explored the alien planet to come to the ship and to reach the infirmary. As the development takes place, the alien impregnates the host and allows the human being to have oxygen, and remarkably be the perfect species described by the android, Ash, in order to be studied for the science department. The facehugger finally has gotten out of the face of the victim and seems to be fine but is in a state of coma.

The study of the extraterrestrial life becomes intense in such a limited span of time. In the film, Predator directed by John Mctirernan the crew encounters the crew members to be slain perfectly above trees inside out without any skin, and leaves no form of evidence. The crew members find the rest of the bodies and another crew of soldiers completely slaughtered posing questions on what occurred in the amazon without any evidence. One of the crew members studying the scene in the jungle describes that the men were shooting at all directions, in which they dropped like flies. The crew members with no evidence eventually find a bunch of men thinking is a guerilla establishment and decide to kill the enemies, receive only one hostage and find answers into believing this was a set up for the FBI to seek information on the guerrilla and its operations not to rescue certain individuals because the information is more important than themselves running the mission. The alien after this scene kills on of the crew members and others witnessed it as being invisible leaving the situation filled with drama, and more bodies hanging on the trees.

In this third step we can analyze that the crew members in the films, are studying alien life and still finding answers in the pursuit to complete the mission but now are left without one with the betrayal of the FBI and now the alien life form becoming a problem.Necessities is an option of life in which is necessary to a human in order to survive. The alien creature genre follows the two films in which go on to the fourth step in which is to gather up all necessities possible as guns, food, ammunition, weapons and fire and a plan in order to fight against the alien life form now becoming hostile. In the movie, alien directed by Ridley Scott the victim of the facehugger wake up, impregnated with the alien life form in his body eventually comes out instantly killing him, while eating his food with the other crew members. Now Ripley and the rest of the crew fed up eventually end up pissed off that one of the crews own are dead now it’s the alien life form to be destroyed. The team gathers a motion sensor from Ash the android, guns, flamethrowers and a plan to look around the spaceship to kill this monster, in which use technology at their advantage to find the creature.

The team is worried at what might actually happen in which they end up with plans to draw out the alien. In the movie, Predator directed by John Mctirernan, the crew of men are in the amazon now noticing strange things happening in the jungle sudden deaths of already one crew member instantly killed, one of the crew members startled because she saw an invisible creature as a lizard camouflage and quickly disappear. The technology used by the alien is extremely advanced and the others are worried at what might happen to the rest, because they cannot explain what is happening and leave everyone with a question in their minds of what the result might be of this alien creature. The crew of solders, decide to take a chance and gather up all there men and necessities in order to establish peace among themselves in order to this alien creature. In this fourth step, we can analyze in both movies that the alien creatures are becoming hostile, in which really early to perceive as a threat but events are happening at rate that the problems must be solved. The crews of both films are left to themselves to think and plan and gather what is important for the main idea of survival.Leader is a person that leads a group or commands a group followed by others.

The alien creature genre as reached step five in which the crews of both films begin to collaborate but out of spite due to the circumstances one out of the group stands up to confront the alien life form and be a leader in order to defeat the extraterrestrial. In the movie, Alien group finally decided to corner the alien in an air vent because it moving in the air ducts, the leader that becomes noticed is Ripley telling others what to do in order to defend the interests of everyone’s lives of survival. The alien creature eventually cornered kills the captain by eating him alive, now everyone is scared to death to find a solution of finally having the idea to place the alien in a vent and eventually kill creature. Everyone decides to collaborate on the ship Ripley now leads, explains everyone to search up everywhere and find the alien. One of the mechanics have died, by the alien creature and killed instantly. In the movie, Predator, directed by John Mctirernan the crew members in the amazon finally are working together in order to kill this alien creature for the means of survival, under stress in which witnesses a leader Dutch, to start carrying orders for the rest of the crew members to follow as to find a way to escape the amazon.

Many of the crew members die by the alien creature, they end up setting a trap and wounding it a bit leaving every person scared to death. The only crew member left are four out of eight in which were present and ready to fight to go against the odds of survival. In this fifth step, we can analyze by both movies that the alien creature as become hostile killing many of the men in the crews in the films, leaving the priority of survival to be an important one leaving all other odds left aside and fight for themselves not caring about any missions, just making through and being able to withstand this foreign identity. The leaders such as Dutch and Ripley stay strong and have weaknesses of being hurt by the alien, and seeing many die but there pursuit of survival is happening, and the chances of no survival seem slim, they do not care but try to strive for the best.Death is a permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. The alien creature genre peaks at the sixth step in which both crews begin to see death and begin to split for the chances of survival. The crews are exhausted and form there front in which want the alien creature to be destroyed the aliens seem to have advanced technology literally and one of them being the perfect species of being hard to kill and the other in its technology of development.

In the movie, Alien the Ripley and the rest of the group split up in order to find the alien more members die, android, Ash, is finally revealed and the companies interests were just to keep the alien form as a priority not caring for the crew at all or its safety. The crew members consist of just Ripley, the mechanic, and the one other crew member in which acquire the ship in order to destroy it. The alien roams the spaceship, the crew members decide to pursue a getaway vehicle and blow up the ship as the last means of resort to destroy the alien. The team splits to get everything necessary to live, and abandon ship for the self-destruct bomb. In the movie, Predator finally the crew member have decided to give up with each other and split up due to many deaths, it is just Dutch, the hostage girl and one of the crew members injured in which results that Dutch stays behind to fight the alien, while she goes for rescue, the team splits. In this sixth step, we can analyze that sadly the end is near for the crew is either a situation of life or death and which the air has filled with it, the crew members have the last resort to split each other and wish for the best, as the aliens evolve or study the humans trying to have the advantage there is still hope.Survival means the state or fact that we continue to live or exist in spite of tough circumstance or situations.

The alien creature genre reaches the moment of the seventh step in which follows to the second last sequence of abandoning others and in which survival comes first. The crew now has split up and its only option is to fight for what is right and not give up but actually has seen the light of hope of actually thinking of making it. In the movie, Alien Ripley is by herself literally because the other crew members are now dead she is the only one alive, in which she must save herself. The self-destruct sequence has commenced and everything must blow up even the alien creature, Ripley runs for the escape route and tries to save a cat. In the movie, Predator, Dutch is left by himself observing the alien, in which he spends a whole day setting up traps, masking himself with mud leaving the alien unaware of where he is due to infrared light detecting temperatures. Dutch is left to set up old style trap using his muscles, and intelligence to really outsmart the alien. In the seventh step, we can analyze that the aliens have reached there moment where they want to kill the leader of the group, they begin to follow them, the leaders on the other hand attempt to outsmart them by blowing up the ship, or withstanding the creature with traps, the idea of survival is back.

Last means the occasion before the present in hope for some form of help or guidance in a situation. The alien creature genre reaches the last final step in which follows the last sequence of the film formula as the final straw meaning the last standoff between the alien and the leader of the crew to fight and find rescue. As you think you have killed or gotten rid of a problem the situation will come back to haunt you unexpectedly. In the movie, Alien, Ripley is by herself in which she must fight the alien by herself as the last stand, she apparently thinks the bomb has killed the alien but in reality it is in her getaway space shuttle in which it is secretly hiding. The alien ends up being killed as Ripley opens the hatch and the alien gets burned in the exhaust opening. In the movie, Predator, Dutch ends up with the Predator facing him one on one sets up a trap thinking it automatically died but the alien ends up being injured and detonate a bomb in which activates to kill everything around, it and Dutch survives.

In the last step of the film formula we can analyze that aliens have the last stand with the leaders of the group or the protagonists, in which think there problems are over the but the alien come back to haunt them. Aliens finally die in which there both die off explosions and the leaders successfully escape the fate of death in which rescue eventually help for the protagonists. The alien creatures genre film formula consists of a crew of people in which go on a mission, investigate on the cases surrounding the aliens, study extraterrestrial life, gather all needs for survival, begin to work together to form a guider, many deceases the team decides to separate, abandon others in order to survive and the last standoff find help.

In Ridley Scott`s, Alien in which has formed to be one best science fiction films in which captures the attention of individuals with the Xenomorph alien. In John Mctiernan`s Predator in which the modern civilized alien to be in control and anything in its path. The film formula is set stage blueprint of a genre in which is followed and deals with the plot of a movie in science fiction. In the world of film there are many guidelines to be followed in order to make an impression to be called a classic of time. An alien creature is known to be a foreign character distinct from humans in which follows the structure of film.

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