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All Progress Exams Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Progress Exam #1 includes assigned material from Chapters 1-8 (see syllabus for specific pages assigned) and the following video lectures:
• Foundations of Leadership
• Leader as Sense Maker
• Leader as Motivator

Progress Exam #2 includes assigned material from Chapters 9-13 and the following video lectures:
• Leader as Team Developer
• Leader as Stylist
• Leader as Ethical Decision Maker
• Leader as Politician

Final Exam includes assigned material from Chapters 14-18 and the following video lectures:
• Leader as Structural Architect
• Leaders as Maker of Culture
• Leader as Developer of Talent
• Leader as Change Agent
• Leader as Visionary


l Guidelines 1. Let the online video powerpoints guide you through the text material. Priority

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should be given to those theories/concepts in the text that were also covered in the online video, interactive lecture or discussion sessions. For Progress Exam #2, don’t forget the powerpoints for Chapter 11 (Communication) that are covered in the discussion session. For the final exam, remember to include the powerpoints for Chapter 14 (Conflict & Negotiation) also covered in discussion. 2. The videos shown in class are meant to illustrate theories/concepts; there will be no questions on the exam about the videos per se. This is also true of the videos shown in the online lectures. 3. You should have a general understanding of how discussion session activities relate to the course theories/concepts. For example, what you learned about group decision making in the sub-arctic survival exercise. 4. Your responses to the essay questions should include an accurate description and application of relevant theories, concepts and terms. Use the case facts to support your analysis. 5. You will be graded on your accuracy, clarity, relevance and logic in analyzing the cause of a particular problem as well as your ability to propose and support reasonable solutions.

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