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All the world’s a stage is a famous line taken from “as you like it” written by the father of English literature Shakespeare. The entire world’s is a stage and human beings are its actors and actresses. With different roles assigned to each one of the players, the moments of entry and exit are predestinated. No matter how small or stupendous is the impact of those who appear on the stage, the fact of cause and consequences, action and reaction remains visible and vibrant all the time.

Here life is drama, God is director, men are actors and world is a stage. From the cradle to the cremation ground, our roles are marked. We are nothing but mere playthings or puppets that puts up make up as soon as the director that is god says “action”. The camera roles on and we do our acting. Again as soon as the director says “pack-up” we make a quiet exit from the stage of the world.

So “All the world is a stage” both in size and scenario. It is an open theatre where ideas and intrigues, heroes and villains occupy the center stage and make events move in all possible directions. There are all types of characters, some with heroic qualities that take the bull by the horns, while others may balk and beat a hasty retreat. For those in a state of alienation, “measuring’ in coffee – spoons” may appear the best of roles, but to those who chase dreams and desires and are determined to turn them in roaring realities the sky is the limit. Comedy and tragedy, fancy and fantasy – they are not only found in books but also experienced in everyday life.

However, this is only one aspect of the statement. It also hides another very deep and very relevant thought. It is that world is too big a place for anybody to consider himself its master. All the great kings, generals, leaders had to leave one day. The world did not stop them. They played their role and moved away to let others play theirs. We are not immortal, the world is. Each one of us is suppose to set the stage on fire by our good performance and enrich it by displaying our talents. I think we should serve well so that people may remember us as the ‘hero’ of the show — even when we are off the stage, the audience wants us to be back on the scene again and again. That is how life has to be lived.

Therefore with the passage of time, the script may change in theme and subject matter, but the nature and nuance of the world as a stage does not alter much. The essential character of life as a saga of struggle for survival and supremacy would continue to hold good. Whatever faith we may pro or whatever religion we may follow, the eternal play of life and death, good and evil, continues and the world remains a stage with its own parameters and paradigms.

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