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Introduction of TOPIC

According to the Plato’s allegory of cave, prisoners cannot move and see shadows reflected on the cave wall. However, the shadow the prisoners look at is not their real shadow. Instead, the shadow is created by puppeteers using fire behind the prisoners. Because the prisoners cannot move and look back to what is going on, they could see only the shadow itself and would believe what they look at is only true. In this case, Plato points out about nature education that people are living without knowing real sense of things like the prisoners. He argues that projected things to the human eyes are not even truth and those are just the shadow, but human beings do not notice the fact that even merely by accepting the superficially projected things. Moreover, in the Plato’s allegory of cave, some of the prisoners released from the cave have a chance approaching toward entrance of the cave and they might be embarrassed when they realize what they have been seen was not the truth and this wa

s only shadow. Most of the prisoners afraid of noticing the truth go back to the previous world, but

some of them are trying to adapt the light and eventually they can see puppets and fire reflecting them in the cave. Some of the awakening sinners come out of the cave. At first, they cannot see anything dazedly, but somewhat over the time slowly they can recover their sight of eye by getting adjusted to the light. Finally then, they can see real sense of things reflected by nature.

Also, by looking at blue sky they see the moon and stars at night and through the shadow of the sun reflected in water eventually they can look at the sun itself. Furthermore, they become awake about the fact that the sun making the season’s change chairs the heart of the entire visible world as provider of all-cause of visible things. Also, they realize that the sun is even the root of what they have seen in the cave. What Plato wants to mean about the nature of education in this allegory of the cave is people can only get truth and real sense of things when they try to critique a thing. In addition, to get the real sense, people need a lot of efforts to critique and analysis like some prisoners adjusted the light slowly. Plato claims that only people trying to endeavor and meditate to know a real can achieve the realization of the truth of things and engage to their life with ultimate norms about veracity. Also, probably, he points out only a few people are really try to get a chance to know the truth and he might encourage those noticing the truth like the some awakening prisoners to go back to the cave and let others know what is real sense of things.

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