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Allocating Work And Drawing Up Work Plans Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Question 1

What things need to be taken into consideration when allocating work and drawing up work plans? Consider: goals and objectives, competence, operational need, efficiency, cost effectiveness, consultation

ALL of the companies operation should have well-trained organization and employees, so manager need to allocating work and drawing up work plans to govern the staff, in order to the staff to complete the task and enable managers to better management.

The important key point that is what goals and objectives need to focus on what you want to achieve , What you can do to achieve it and what might happen when drawing up a plan, you have to consider what will be done ,when and how it will be done and by whom . Ensure short and long –term goals and make sure they are reality and achievable before you need to conduct an environmental analysis, you need to open strategy up with relevant personal and plan the goals achievement as well as cost effectiveness.

These plans will be transmit to stakeholder with implement this plans. During this process, you must be use available monitor and evaluate the procedure. About the allocating work, the capacity of the staff and ability must be consider so that work is allotted to those who are best to do it. You must be consider the skills, acknowledge, experience, understanding and workload of the employees. Not everybody have same work –understand so you need consider this and ask for some questions and give encourage of the opportunity when allocating work the goals and objectives must be clearly define so that employees can translate into action plan and achieve these goals .

The manager and the leader must be consider ,the manager and the leader must be consider , the staff and the specific employee have their availability and the possible results, also you need to consider resource administration , when planning work and allocating task to employees and employees teams ,efficiency and cost effectiveness . When allocating work and drawing up plans you must be consider a project plan because it explain a description. What is needed to be done? Based on the employ

ees tasks, you need to meet together face to face with consultation so that know if the work fit the

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employees or not and understanding their ideas.

Qustion 2

Explain why develop KPAs and KPIs that meet the organization’s needs is necessary, KPIs are used to measure the performance of an organization .you are used to assess the present condition of a business and decide on an appropriate of action .

KPIS are helpful in quantifying activates that are usually difficult to measure such as service, satisfaction, leadership etc. they are closely linked to an organization’s overall strategy. KRAS are useful as they help individual clarify their roles, it helps employees to align their profiles in line with the broader strategy of the organization. It helps people arrange their activities on a priority and improves the management of time (Gerald A. Cole,2004).

Explain why develop and implement effective performance management systems is necessary An effective performance management system can play a very crucial role in managing the performance in an organization by: 1, Ensuring that the employees understand the importance of their contributions to the organizational goals and objectives.2, Ensuring each employee understands what is expected from them and equally ascertaining whether the employees possess the required skills and support for fulfilling such expectations. 3, Ensuring proper aligning or linking of objectives and facilitating effective communication throughout the organization. Facilitating a cordial and a harmonious relationship between an individual employee and the line manager based on trust and empowerment.

Explain why has a code conduct (or a code of ethics or behavior) for the organization.

A code is an open disclosure of the way an organization operates. It provides visible guidelines for behavior. A well-written and thoughtful code also serves as an important communication vehicle that “reflects the covenant that an organization has made to uphold its most important values, dealing with such matters as its commitment to employees, its standards for doing business and its relationship with the community.

Explain why regularly monitor and evaluate the work of employees is necessary.

Monitoring and evaluation are important management tools to track your progress and facilitate decision making. Carries of an evaluation can be the community of people with whom your organization works. By closely examining your work, your organization can design programs and activities that are effective and yield powerful results for the community(William, et al 2010).

Explain why give effective feedback and reinforcement to employees and acknowledge good work.

Reinforcing feedback has a strong positive influence on behavior. Most of us like to hear compliments and feel recognized. Reinforcing feedback will encourage us to do what we did more often, and better.

Explain why have systems in place to manage poor performance is necessary.

Managing poor performance is clouded by thoughts of tense, uncomfortable situations that may result in finger pointing, anger and denial.

Explain why understand the organization‘s termination policy and the legislation to which it relate is necessary.

If either is administered incorrectly (wrongful accusations) or illegally (discrimination), the company may be facing lawsuits. In addition to possible legal issues, the treatment of an employee leaving the company or whose performance is substandard may affect the attitudes and morale of other employees. Therefore, companies may establish policies that address the discipline process and the proper way to terminate an employee.

Reference List

Gerald A. Cole,2004, “Management: Theory And Practice”,Cengage Learning EMEA, London

William M. Pride, Robert James Hughes, Jack R. Kapoor, 2010, “Business” , Cengage Learning, USA

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