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I do believe the up side of the full moon is having an adverse effect on Missy . Missy starts with a low grow that as I ignore her, over time grows louder. Then she comes in the office barking and nudging my elbow lifting my arm off the desk….soon I hear someone from the other room saying ‘stop the barking.” This is her usual behavior,,,but lately I’m about to disown her. I knew she already did her business a few hours ago and didn’t need a long walk…and I knew what she wanted. I put a sweatshirt and shoes on and went to the back door and called Missy to come to the door as she was already at the front door. She came 1/2 way down the hall standing for what seemed like minutes with the look of “wtheck”…she finally came to the back door and I stepped out holding the door open. She would not step outside no matter how I coaxed her then turned around, went back to the living room and started shaking her stuffed toy she hardly ever plays with…so I threw it down the hallway and she ran back and forth playing. Being she did her business..if anything I’ll take her outback to “P” b4 bed.

At night we usually walk up the road to my sisters and she usually gets Jaxons bone or rawhide….or she finds something outside to eat. I know my dog and her breed is known as a thinking dog, I outsmarted her this time. She’s not done yet… Now I’m in the office..she’s laying at the door in the hallway…growling very low…it will soon get louder…what she wants is to go for a walk and just maybe…just maybe she’ll find something to eat!! Her bossy behavior the last few days has been constant. The first part of the week her crazy behavior went on all night, two nights ago she barks and I go to the living room and she just standing there..I tell her in a very authoritative voice to go to bed…she did.

Last night after we went to bed..I hear her bark one time..I get up and there she is lying on the bed…to see if I would come, I did and made to go to bed w/ me. I know I am responsible for her behavior and have made a bossy dog who gets her way, but part of the reason her behavior has been bad lately is her barking hurts my 86 year old dads ears. So as soon as she barks I’d go get her and go outside. We are now working on behavior modification as she has decided she’s the ALPHA dog. Finally we just came in from out back…but she’s not done yet…as soon as I heard her low growl…I told her “no, go to bed” Seeing her expression she knew what I meant….she now on my bed, I’m sure thinking what her next move is going to be. I am the Alpha dog, I am!!

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