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1.What is Amazon’s business?
•Amazon is an e-commerce company/ online retailer. They buy and sell products online.

2.A major business driver that was covered in the case is Operational Excellence. What are some of the information requirements that are associated with the business driver? •Some of the information requirements associated with the business driver are: i.Improvement of information capture

ii.Analyze information process
iii.Use information to control processes
iv.Improve control information accuracy
v.Speed control information sharing
vi.Standardize formats and definitions

3.Which kinds of information systems and information technologies did Amazon use to meet the information requirements for these needs? •Information systems/technologies:
i.Computer sends signal to workers’ wireless receivers when item needs to be picked up ii.Computer calculates item priority and checks if weight is right for shipping iii.Also computer calculates misboxed items and chute backup times iv.Redesign of bottleneck when workers transfer orders arriving in green plastic bins to a conveyor belt that drops them into the appropriate chute v.Conversion to free Linux Operating System

4.Which information and material flows occur between customers, web site and the warehouse?
•Product Information
•Shipping information
•Prioritization of order
•Product itself
•Transaction information
•Warehouse location and transfer information

5.List five kinds of information that are needed to control warehouse productivity?
•Product location
•Product priority
•Lead times of various warehouse tasks
•Standardized product number/code

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