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Amendment of the United States Constitution Essay Sample

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Amendment of the United States Constitution Essay Sample

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states the rights to give citizens of America the right to bear arms. This amendment was adopted with the rest of the other amendments, in the Bill of Rights. With that being said, there are many people out there that takes that amendment literally, and feel as if they should be able to own and have any kind of gun that they wish. However, there are many types of guns that are specifically designed for our military, for some state local law enforcements, which are illegal for the average individual to own, for obvious reasons. There are certain circumstances and tests that you have to meet in order to purchasing a gun or owning one.

There are safety laws that are put into place for many reasons, such as them ending up in the hands of a felon, children, or even mentally handicapped people, also, any irresponsible human being that shouldn’t be left alone with a gun, that may have the ability to injure or kill another human being. However, with the easy accessibility with guns nowadays, anyone is able to have access to a gun, either illegally or legally. Gun control, is a very controversial matter, especially now since in the wake of so many recent, tragic mass shootings. It is a polarizing issue, tending to divide people because it is either you are for or against gun control.

Firearm violence has “accounted for about 60% to 70% of homicides”, since 1993 to 2011, recorded by the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau Statistics. As the saying usually goes, “Gun don’t kill people, people kill people,” however, with that statement, if you put a firearm into the wrong person’s hands, or someone who is deemed unstable, they sort of have a sense of superiority and use that weapon for their own personal enjoyment and satisfaction. Gun control can heavily help lower the rate of gun homicides, suicide, domestic disputes, mass shootings/murders rates and the risk of firearms ending up in the wrong person’s hands. It is obvious that America has strayed terribly off a “safe, gun control environment” course, and that we just need to enforce it even harder and have more gun control.

There should be different forms of gun control measures in order to help prevent accidents or firearm incidents from happening. United States alone, has about 270,000,000 guns (which are just estimated, there are many black-market guns), which are “the highest total and per capita number in the world”, said study author Erin Grinshetryn. America has six times as many firearm homicides as Canada, and nearly 16 times as many as Germany, other countries have very low numbers compared to the U.S. When enforcing gun control, countries with restrictive gun control laws have much lower gun homicide rates and suicide rates than the United States. “States with tighter gun control laws have fewer gun-related deaths”, observed and found by a 2016 review of 130 studies in 10 countries, published by Epidemiologic Reviews.

So, when countries reduce the access to guns and enforce more restricting laws, they see a drop in the number of firearm violence. If people are able to have access to high capacity magazines, it’s too often to turn murder into mass murder. A Mother Jones investigation found out that there has been “more than 1,500 mass shootings since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012.”

Gun Violence Archive records the counts and tracks mass shootings since 2013, shows that on average, there was “more than one mass shooting for each day in America” just in 2015 alone, there’s 365 days and there was a total of 355 mass shootings, making it complete that America nearly has one mass shooting a day. When the Sandy Hook shooting happened, the killer shot himself immediately right after, making it unable for the law enforcement and the government to question him and his motives. When there is more gun control, it can lead to fewer suicides.

Between 1999 and 2013, there was “270,237 firearm suicides in the United States, accounting for about 52%” overall suicide methods, according to the International Review of Law and Economics. Having guns somehow allow people to kill themselves much more easily, rather than other suicidal methods, such as cutting, poisoning, hanging, etc. The reason that how easily accessible guns are, strongly contribute to suicides because guns are much deadlier and quicker alternatives than poisoning, hanging and cutting. This is why reducing access and having more restricted laws to obtaining a gun are very important to preventing suicides, because just even stalling an attempt or making it less like to result in death makes a very huge difference when compared. “Time is really key to preventing suicide in a suicidal person,” Justin Briggs says.

Taken from s study, suicide rates had dropped dramatically after the Australian government set up a gun buyback program, that reduced the number of firearms in the country by about 1/5th, and had dropped 74% of gun suicides. So, when enforcing this gun control, it can lower suicide rates for many factors, giving enough time for those who need help to be able to get some and seek it, rather than going towards that other option.

Implementing gun control would also help prevent and protect people from domestic abusers, and stalkers. Studies show, that “five women are murdered with guns every day in the United States.” A woman’s risk of being murdered is “much higher and increases about 500%” if a gun is present during any type of domestic altercation or abuse (Gerney, Parsons). During the Iraq and Afghan wars, about 5,364 US soldiers were killed in action between Oct. 2011, and Jan 2015, between those years, 6,410 women were killed by a gun by their partner or spouse in the United States. The FBI found that in 2013, arguments between family members or intimate partners resulted mostly in gun deaths. The weapons used in these altercations most likely the closest at hand and more intimidating to scare the victim.

Guns kept in the home with the family, are associated with a much higher risk in increase of homicide between arguments. If we enforce that law and restrict access, the amount of firearm violence used in these disputes would lessen since not everyone would be able to have access to a gun and use it as a weapon or act of violence when in a state of anger or distress. Lowering the rates of homicidal rates and domestic violence disputes between partners. Anyone may be in possession of a gun for certain safety reasons, but when you mind is altered and in a state of irritability, many people may use the gun for the wrong reasons.

When it comes to access to a gun, it is very accessible for anyone to have one, regardless of the mental health or factors that may interfere, legally or illegally. Most guns initially are obtained legally, but after that, it can be sold or end up in the wrong person’s hands, illegally, under the table and off the books. Legally owned guns are frequently stolen and used by criminals. Not everyone is able to pass a background check or criminal check, but that doesn’t stop anyone from being able to purchase a gun or obtain one. Realistically, anyone can purchase a gun, regardless of the checks and factors, if you have money, you can get a gun. Ideally, if you have the money, and not a gun license, but you walk into a gun shop, they will sell you the gun as long as you are over the age of 21, which is deemed ridiculous because there is one the examples where age does not matter, anyone could be over 21, but it should be about their mental health, checks, and etc.

Most guns are in possession illegally because they were either stolen or bought black-market. “1.4 million guns are stolen from U.S. homes” during car theft and burglaries, each year (Langton). As a product, guns are quickly sold and easily hidden. Because most guns are obtained illegally, it just makes committing crimes much easier also, making the weapon of evidence hard to connect someone who used the gun to commit the crime, since it fact, has no real owner. So, people are able to commit crimes and use the firearm, and would get away with it since it is unable to connect back to them. You would think that to go through the process, most guns would be legal, but in this economy today and how tense it has been since many tragic events, most guns are obtained illegally for many reasons, and shouldn’t be able to easily end up in the wrong person’s hands.

In conclusion, not having stricter gun control laws would just increase our rates of firearm violence and deaths. Having stricter gun laws would protect people from others who would cause harm, lower gun homicide and suicide rates, decrease the amount of gun that are obtained illegally and ending up in the wrong person’s hands who may be able to commit a crime where the law agencies aren’t able to find the killer because the evidence obtained has no real owner, decrease and lower risks of mass shootings. Gun control is very important in the United States alone, since it has such high numbers compared to other countries.

We can try many different methods to further our grip on gun control, many programs and laws we can enact in order to make sure gun control is stricter and restricted, so it is less dangerous and less risky for our country. Even though gun control is already in effect and practiced today, by keeping track of customers who purchase firearms, by going through simple background and criminal checks, however, that isn’t enough. Strict gun control makes everyone safer, regarding the safety of our country and making sure a dangerous weapon isn’t able to easily end up in the hands of a someone who is deemed unstable or not fit to possess a gun and cause harm among others or use it for the wrong reasons.

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