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During the American Revolution, the colonist needed more support and diversions for their army to grow in size and power. Several nations such as France, Spain, and the Netherlands, all participated in their own matter of assistance. Whether be supplies, blockades, troops, or even direct assault on Britain, all these factors helped. Of course if the Americans were to win the war, they would have to negotiate terms of service, yet it was worth it for America would not be as it is today without that assistance during the war. To begin with, the Dutch were one of the smaller participants of the cause, yet their support proved worthy. The Netherlands remained a neutral nation, not wanted to involve itself in direct conflict with Britain. So in order to avoid that, because they wanted their fellow Americans, they decided to provide supplies such as artillery and ships for naval combat. Desperate for any kind of help, these necessities provided some defense and support for the crippled forces. The Dutch proved a worthy ally in the end. Secondly, the Spanish had another key role it assisting the Americans, this time in the south. The Spanish accepted the terms in assisting the Americans by maintaining Florida, home too many loyalists and to British troops stationed there, from spreading into the Gulf Coast.

They Spanish prevented the British from entering because not only would they flank the Americans, they would also have a foothold of the Indians of the south, causing trouble for Spain. In the end, they did their job and we let them have most of Florida, temporarily. Next, the final main ally and the most important, was none other than the French. They had a key role in not only helping American troops with their troops and supplies, but they kept Britain distracted by attacking other colonies nearby. However, the French’s role cause for assisting the American was purely for vengeance against the British over the Seven Years war. Yet, they did everything to hurt the British, even if it went against war conduct imposed by the Americans such as cease-fires and trading peace with the British when the war was over.

The French truly changed the entire fate of the war when it came to foreign assistance, if it weren’t for their supplies or diversions; America would’ve never been the same. Overall, the allies of the Americans made of the difference for the Continental Army. The Dutch provided supplies and ships which put the Americans back on the offensive, the Spanish blocked off the British from flanking from the south, and the French offered supplies, troops, and diversions against the British. At the end of the war it seemed practically a win-win scenario for almost everybody, except for the Indians of course. So because of the allies during the war, America managed to truly gain its independence and live on.

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