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American Criminal Justice System Essay Sample

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American Criminal Justice System Essay Sample

To preserve social order, uphold the law, all while defending people from injustice is the primary objective of the American Criminal Justice System. (In 1964, Herbert L. Packer published a paper entitled “Two Models of the Criminal Process”) ( ). Crime Control and Due Process were the two models Packer used in explaining the contrasting outlooks over the preferred way to control criminals and crime in our nation. The Due Process targets a liberal way of criminal justice that supports a criminal’s rights.

Contradictory to the Due Process model the Crime Control model’s focal point has a more conservative perspective which focuses on defending society from criminals by controlling criminal activities and justice. The concept of the Crime Control Model is to cutback criminal activity to protect the people. Two significant elements of the model are productivity and speed. (It is more important to protect society as a whole against crime and criminals than it is to protect the single person who committed that crime) ( ).

The Crime Control Model’s greatest objective is dictating the most suitable punishment for criminals and bringing them to trials quicker. This model can be compared to an assembly line. An abundant of problems that emerge in the crime control model are aimed at law enforcement officials, the model is in favor of increasing the powers of police, at the same time the courts are made to move criminals swiftly and efficiently. More search warrants, interrogations, and more hostile plans of action may be put to use by the police’s new wide array of power.

Court systems control cases in an assembly line type of manner. Cases would move onward faster and be handled in a more consistent, and orderly fashion. Individuals get away with committing crimes may create rise in crime rates. The Crime Control Model concentrates more on investigation and harsher punishments for those who have committed crimes. The Crime Control Model should be adopted as the exclusive foundation of the criminal justice system in the United States.

The reason for this being, with less criminals out on the streets the safer the law-abiding citizens will be. And with law enforcement officials having more power the easier it will be to track down and put away criminals and reduce the crime rate significantly. Another reason is with the court system working like an assembly line, cases will be run more quickly and efficiently, meaning the criminals will be locked away and will not be able to get off scot-free, they will be punished for their criminal actions, just as they should.

If this is the case more individuals will feel less inclined to commit any crimes, due to fear of receiving harsher punishments. The due process model is more concerned about preserving the rights of a single criminal rather than the many good people of society. If an individual kidnapped, molested, and murdered somebody, they should not have the same basic human rights as everyone else. The crime control model is more focused on the many rather than the one individual.

The crime control model in general is the more reasonable and practical model of the two. Though the crime control model is the more intelligent model, it is not without any flaws. With police power enhanced, there will be a fear of law enforcement officials taking advantage of their power, and oppressing society. With the court system working like an assembly line, there will be so many cases being ran through, that there will be a few innocents being wrongly accused and punished for crimes they did not commit.

In conclusion of the two models of the criminal process, the crime control model is the most practical, and should be adopted as the sole basis of the criminal justice system. Preserving social order, upholding the law, all while defending people from injustice is the primary objective of the American Criminal Justice System, and the crime control model fits this objective, and justifiably so.

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