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What does the American flag mean to me? To me it means freedom, honor, respect, courage, and happiness. Freedom, for saying what we want to say and doing what we want to do. Honor, for those who fought to keep my family and your family safe and free. Respect,for respecting the flag by taking off your hat during the National Anthem and by saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Courage,for those who commit their lives to fight in the American Armies, and keep our flag flying. Happiness, so that when I look at the American Flag I do not just see a flag I see the United States of America and I feel proud to be an American.

The American Flag currently has 13 red and white stripes and a blue area with 50 stars on it. Each star on the blue section of the flag represents a state of the union. Each time a new state joins the United States a new star is added. The stripes on the American Flag stand for the original 13 colonies that were established in America when the people rebelled against Great Britain. The red stands for valor and bravery. This reminds me of the blood shed at war and how hard the soldiers fight for our country. The blue on the flag reminds me of the union. It stands for the 50 states in our country and we are all united. The very last color is white. The white stands for purity and liberty. Liberty stands for freedom of speech and religion. We have rights to express our freedoms without being arrested.

When I see our flag blowing in the wind it makes me feel proud to be an American and to be free. I am so thankful to be an American!

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