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Chapter 1
1) The founding fathers were brilliant in both politics and philosophy (belives). 2) While they were searching for the ‘ideal’ government they liked the Western Tradition so they tried it out. 3) All the politicians really wanted was a Democracy.

4) John Locke influenced many of the 18th century writings in America. a) Most importantly, John Locke influnced the Decleration of Independence. 5) Thomas Jefferson wrote to Henry Lee in 1825

b) When forced, people could resort to bear arms and it was okay to the court of justice. c) The Declaration of Independence was not written to come up with new ideas, it was written to tell Great Britain that we were ready to be independent. d) The decleration of Independence wasn’t aimed at being original or copied, it was an expression of the American Mind. 6) Jefferson admired Locke a lot. And his views were reflected on that. 7) Locke’s second book focused on why people enter into political societes in the first place. 8) Locke’s theory said that governments based on science would be a really good government. 9) Locke also says that the people should be able to take over a government that no longer works. 10) To understand Political Power, we must understand how humas are and give them the perfect freedom. 11) All men should be treated equally.

12) All people a have the right to destroy their possessions and theirselves, they do not, however, have the right to destroy anyone else or their things unless the government calls for it. 13) Nobody should harm anyone or anything.

14) If someone invades your personal life or possetions, you have the right to punish them. 15) Criminals will be dealt with calmly and be restrained. 16) All people will be punished equally when they commit the same crimes. 17) Men uniting into commonwealths (private political societies) e) The freedoms that we have now can be taken away at any time. So men will join with others to try and protect what we have now. f) The people will to establish right and wrong. They want to settle all disputes between the people. g) The people want an indifferent judge. One that where if one case is really heated, the next case will be completely unbiased. He will not take his feelings from the first case and carry them over to the second case. h) The people will back and support the right punishment when it is appropriate. i) The citizen will agree on his rights. When he does something wrong, he will give up all his rights. (in a private political society) j) The people have two powers

i) He must obey the laws made by the new society. The laws the government made no longer apply. ii) You determine the power of punishment for the crime commited. (1) You must now also provide not just for yourself, but for eveyone in the society as well. k) When people enter into a private society, they give up everything. They have to completely start over a new government. They have to appoint a leader, and everything else. 18) The first step to creating a successful commonwealth is to set up a legislative branch. It’s the key branch. l) They are to govern by the established laws. They are NOT to vary in any case for ANY reason. m) The laws should only be created for the good of the people. n) They may not raise taxes without the approval of the citizens. o) The laws can only be made in the legislative branch. No where else. 19) The legislative can come up with any laws without the approval of the people. However, the people can appoint a new legislature at any time. 20) When someone uses a force without rights, the rights dissapear. You use self defense for yourself. 21) The people are the judge.

22) Once you give your power over to a commonwealth, you cannot take it back as long as the commonwealth exists.

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