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Accident is become very common issue in our society. Probably everyday we heard and look variety of accidents on television and the road. Sometimes we become a part of it as an onlooker, witness and sometimes as a victim of an accident. Last evening when I was travelling from my relative’s home, I saw a terrible accident. The scenes of the accident are vivid in my mind. The number of accident are caused by reckless driving rather than by faulty vehicles, and the reason of reckless driving is hastiness while driving just because to reach earlier on their intended destination. I was travelling in a taxi suddenly the motorcyclist come in a fastest speed behind my taxi and trying to overtake my taxi. He was continuously following my taxi. The taxi driver was continuously trying to ignore him and focusing on his driving. When the taxi driver lost his patience, then he gave the space to the motorcyclist and took side of the road, the road is a two way road. At that moment a car came in an opposite side in a fastest speed same the speed of that motorcyclist and the motorcyclist ran against the bumper of the car and smashed with the wind screen of the car. The motorcyclist couldn’t do anything in that situation. Because all that happened in a split of second. The car driver was injured by the glasses of wind screen and he was in a state of shock.

All that happened in a split of second. After that I ran towards the nearest telephone booth to inform the police and call the ambulance. Meanwhile I saw that the onlooker’s and witnesses are trying to help the motorcyclist and the car driver of the accident. They were trying to carry them in one of the onlooker’s car and sent them to the hospital for their quickest treatment. At that situation the taxi driver was trying to control the congestion of the traffic and direct it. Soon the police officers came and trying to collect the evidence and some measurement from the spot of the accident. They took the statement of onlooker’s and the witnesses. Then the police officers promptly side the vehicles of the victim’s the motorcycle and the car. The sweepers were cleaning the pieces of glass and the strains of the blood from the road. After all that when I was in state of narrow escape, I thanked to my god to save my life. I was so thankful of my lord on that critical moment where were all happened in a split of second. If the taxi driver didn’t give him space and take side of the road may be I would be the victim of that accident.

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