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Introduction of TOPIC

In the United States, the term “college” is a generic term applied to any postsecondary education. My concept of a college is a 4-year university, one that offers bachelor’s degrees in many academic disciplines. There would also be a graduate school and several professional schools, such as law, medical, and business schools. Heuristics

In order to select the right college, I should evaluate each school on the factors that are most important to me. First, I would factor in the distance. In my case, the farther away I am from home, the better. Second, I would examine the price. As an aspiring surgeon, I plan on attending medical school. Because of this, I want to be sure I don’t spend too much money on my bachelor’s degree. Next, I would factor in the college’s reputation. Elite, highly ranked universities that provide great academics are ideal. Finally, the campus as a whole would be evaluated, from aesthetic qualities to available amenities. Obstacles to Problem Solving

When trying to select the right college, problems are bound to around. One particular problem would parental interference. My parents definitely favor some of the colleges I’ve applied to over others, and I may feel inclined to pick one of those to appease them. Another issue that could arise would be if two or more colleges were equally matched and a decision couldn’t be made. Representativeness Heuristic

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to determine if I would fit the mold of a typical student at the colleges I applied to. For example, students at the University of Virginia are characterized as preppy, pretentious, and cutthroat. In my opinion,

preppy individuals are those who value higher education, aspire towards a lucrative career, and come

from a considerably affluent background. Since I fit this description, I suppose that makes me preppy. Availability Heuristic

As I said before, the reputation of a college is important when selecting a college. The US News website publishes a list of the best colleges every year. As a result, many students (and their parents) become too concerned with ranking and may end up turning down a perfectly good college for one that supposedly carries more prestige. I, however, know that those rankings aren’t as accurate as they seem. I plan on picking the college that best fits me.

Confirmation Bias
When applying to college, many students already know where they want to go. Whether it’s because of a family tradition or a great sports team, these students feel destined to attend a certain school. Some even go as far as to look for specific information that proves that their dream college is the best. When I was younger, I used to put UVA on a pedestal. Now, however, I know that there are colleges out there that may be a better fit for me. Overconfidence

During college admissions season, it is incredibly common to encounter a student with top grades, near-perfect standardized test scores, and a single-digit class rank. These students often apply to more than a few top colleges, including Ivies, and they are confident that they will be accepted by all of them. These people then undoubtedly get rejected and are left dumbstruck, their pride in shambles. I’ve applied to many selective schools, but I don’t believe that I am guaranteed acceptance at any of them, no matter how high my GPA and SAT scores are. Belief Bias

In the search for the perfect college, ranking and reputation are often the most important factors. Many parents push their children to apply to only the top-ranked colleges. However, a top-ranked college does not guarantee a successful career. Of course those parents would never believe that, even though it is true.

Belief Perseverance
No matter how much one may try to prove them wrong, some people will ultimately stick to their beliefs. Parents with high-school age children are no different. Some are convinced that a college or a group of colleges are the best for their children. Last year, I read a book about real life overachievers in Bethesda, Maryland. One of the students had a very overbearing mother who only let him apply to the Ivy League. She believed that no other school was good enough for her son. My parents encouraged me to apply to the Ivy League, but they did not force me.

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