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What should one expect to find in a woman whose life has been turned upside down and has been through the trials and tribulations of life itself and love. Janie Mae Crawford is a woman who learned how to gain acceptance of the life that she has lived because for so long she felt like she wasted her life by trying to please others. Nonetheless, at the ripe age of sixteen Janie was forced to get married to an elderly man in whom her grandmother believed would be great at providing and protecting her. Now, some might believe that by being married at such a young age, would bound Janie from having freedom but instead marriage has led Janie into becoming mature. Yet, Janie was still a teenage girl who looked and listened to the sounds of nature and felt serene in her soul because she connected better with nature than she did with man. Still, as time passes by, Janie realized that a change needed to occur in her life because she could no longer shut her dreams, and aspirations down to please her husbands’ thoughts and visions.

Throughout Janie’s first two marriages she was still in need of living her life in a way where she can be open­minded, free in spirit, and unrestrained. Over time, Janie eventually found that freedom in a man named Tea Cake, who provided her with the love that she have always thirsted for and the adventure in life that she longed for. In Zora Neale Hurston’s, Their Eyes Were Watching God demonstrates the selfhood, change, and acceptance of life from a woman named Janie Mae Crawford. The growth of Janie Mae Crawford into selfhood presents maturity and change in the sense of independence. We can all identify that ever since Janie had gotten married to Logan Killicks (first husband) she became an independent young

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