An Argument with Your Friend on Terrorism Essay Sample

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Naeem: what’s your opinion about terrorism waqas? Waqas: I think it is the result of Pakistan Govt. fake policies as Pakistan gave the opportunity to allied forces to interact in our country for the defeat of Afghan Taliban. Naeem: no I partially agree with you because as per my perception terrorism is due to internal and external factors. Waqas: what do you meant by internal and external factors Naeem? Naeem: internal factors


Naeem: internal factors mean such factors which are related within country’s boundaries i.e. unemployment, extremist parties, ethnic and sectarian issues as well as internal security issues. Waqas: how can you say that unemployment is playing its role for the terrorism? Naeem: as you know that in our society, rate of literacy is increasing whereas no opportunities have been provided to the literate persons that created state of anarchy among literate society. Waqas: how can they play their role in creating or increasing terrorism? Naeem: as they have no jobs and they are much frustrated due to non-availability of resources so they became inclined to do anything whether it is legal or illegal for the sake of money. Waqas: but our Govt. is trying to facilitate them by providing jobs as well as ‘Rozgar schemes’ so that our young generation may be diverted to some beneficial projects from state of restless.

Naeem: you are right but this is not enough as numbers of people are still unemployed. Waqas: how can we eliminate the sectarian and ethnic issues for the smooth functioning of this state? Naeem: we should adopt nationalist approach we should think as a nation not individual as a Pakistani not Punjabi, Sindhi, pashton and blotchy. Waqas: yes I appreciate your approach and what are the external factors and how can we retreat the external factors? Naeem: external factors mean the powers outside the country which are trying to imbalance the functioning of this state. Waqas: explain your position regarding external factors.

Naeem: external powers mean the involvement of India, America and Israel. Waqas: as for as India is concerned, I agree with you but what are the hidden benefits of America and Israel to destabilize our country. Naeem: Actually Pakistan is of most important by region-political state in the south Asia. That is why, America want to disintegrate and want to stay here in order to create problems for China which is the most emerging state in 21 century. Waqas: for the national sovereignty and integrity, what measures must be taken to stabilize the country foreign affairs. Naeem: it is the very obligation of state actors to strengthen the foreign policy so that the crucial incidents like Raymond Davis case, Abbotabad operation, Salala Check post incident and Mehran base attack may be avoided in the future. Waqas: thank you for your comments I got much of your knowledge today. Naeem: it was better to talk to you, it’s my pleasure.

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