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There are many programs on T.V that are quite horrible and disturbing but I think many programs are meant to disturbing and give the viewer sensations of fear or sadness. One program that can’t do this sort of thing is the news. The news is on T.V every day and does provide a use full source of information but it does sometimes show shocking images that are real. I think this is one of the reasons I have chosen this to be my most disturbing account on T.V because it isn’t make-believe or a made up story it is real.

About a month ago I was watching the news with my mum at home. The news program suddenly went onto a story about two troops who had died. It told us two troops had been trying to make peace but the local people did not like the idea of the troops of being there. The local people ran in beat to death the two troops, there was a crowd out side of the building were this was going on. When the people had beaten up the troops one of came to a window and raised his blood stained hands, as he did this everyone out side cheered.

Seeing this has had a lasting impression on me because I didn’t realise people were like this. It made me realise that things outside our country are so shockingly horrid. I was also quite shocked that this was shown on daytime T.V. I think it has also changed my attitude a bit, as the scene was so shocking it has made me more aware of what is really going on in life. It has made me realise that things like this really happen and theres nothing I can do about it. I watch the news quite often because I like to know what is going on, but this is the most shocking thing I have ever seen. I think one of the reasons I found it so shocking is because it is real.

Over all I think that the news is a very good idea and it needs to show shocking images to really get the message across of what is really going on. I think the time that the news is on is quite good but it may be a bit disturbing for some people but again I think the images they show you need to be quite horrific. I will keep watching the news as I think it is good to know what is going on in the world. I will probably now not be as shocked if I saw another disturbing image because I would have already seen something as shocking if not more shocking then any other image.

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