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An Invention the World Really Needs Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Around 14 people die from cancer every minute. That makes it 7.6 million deaths every year! Which means around 0.1% of the all the people in the world die from cancer. The way we cure cancer now is very risky and crude and cannot cure the disease consistently all the time.

The current treatment we use to cure cancer is called chemotherapy, which kills fast-growing cells, such as cancer cells, red blood cell, white blood cells … etc. As a result of killing the good cells, it will render the patient to become very sick. A new type of technology is being applied for cancer, it is called Nano bots. The Nano bots are small and will be able to eliminate all the harmful cancer cells without killing the good cells. How the Nano bots do this is that they identify the distinct characteristics the cancer cells possess and destroys those cells. The Nano bots will also be able to travel around quickly and can send out scouts to track the cancer.

Once a scout finds the cancer cells, it will tell the other Nano bots where they are so they can attack it quickly. With this new technology, you would be able to cure cancer safely and quickly. The Nano bots would be more precise than chemotherapy. Doctors would only need to use three main steps to cure the cancer. First determine the cancer cell’s characteristics. Then program the Nano bots to attack that type of cancer. Finally inject the Nano bots in the patient’s bloodstream to seek and destroy the cancer cells. In the future, I believe that cancer would no longer be a life threatening disease and would be as easy to cure as a common cold.

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