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Analyse the cinema trailer for MI: 2 showing how successfully it advertises the film on which it is based Essay Sample

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Analyse the cinema trailer for MI: 2 showing how successfully it advertises the film on which it is based Essay Sample

Mission Impossible 2 was released in the summer of 2002 and instantaneously became a big blockbuster with superstar actor Tom Cruise fronting the film.

The film became popular and successful as it starred a major actor making it appealing as soon as the audience sees him at the beginning of the trailer. Moreover as it contained all the fundamental factors included in an action thriller such as flash cars, stunning women, hi-tech gadgets and more.

But the new director John Woo brings in his speciality of kung fu in the film for it to have something special and extra. Moreover with being released after John Woo’s recent success with Face/Off and other hit films spanning a career of three decades he brings with him a reputation of success and a guaranteed audience waiting to see it.

The trailer is appealing as it quickly switches between action packed shots with only the important sections of the film included making it automatically seem dramatic.

Mission Impossible 2 comes under the category of action but not comparable to the quintessential James Bond collection. With the gadgetry, weaponry, hi-tech equipment and espionage involved it falls under the spy category as well. The category is successful as it is long established within mainly the male audience for people between the years of 15 and 25.

The trailer features the main parts of the film and mixes them together quickly which is what we expect from a typical trailer. Also it contains and shows off all the factors of an action film with some factors having special effects added to them to make them more appealing. It adds to what we expect when we see kung fu on the screen incorporated from the new director, John Woo. The fact that the women in the trailer are as strong as him also changes to what we expect and with the storyline being exciting and new it changes our view of it being the same storyline used before.

The trailer begins with calm sounds to lull the viewer into a false sense of security, the reason for this is to make the central section seem louder and more powerful by contrast. Ambient sounds from birds, breeze and wind are there to express the serenity of the surroundings in the location it starts off in and to convey the feeling of isolation and loneliness.

Sound effects are used in the trailer to emphasise the importance of objects and to make it more appealing. A sudden whoosh with the close up and a zooming noise with the sunglasses being thrown are there to show the film is action packed and fast paced. Punches thrown and the sound of car engines are all exaggerated which is typical of the genre.

Dialogue used in the trailer is fairly minimal but used to inform the viewers of information about the film itself and the release information. A voice-over speaks at the beginning by Anthony Hopkins with a very distinctive voice, to inform the main character of his mission. The fact that the voice-over is by another famous person it adds to the list of talented, experienced famous stars in the film and adds to the viewer’s mind that it’s a very big film.

The soundtrack is very important as it was made especially for the film and the artists that made the music are a cult band called Limp Bizkit and are meant to be cutting edge just like the film as they are beginning a new love for rock. The music is recognisable as is the actor, which makes the audience drawn into it as they feel clever that they can relate to it.

Text in the film is very minimal but what’s used is very important and significant, also all of the text in the film is sans serif, which suggests the film is modern. The computer text used to show what his mission contains is typewritten on to the screen to show it’s important data from a formal organisation.

The opening images of the film start with Tom Cruise throwing away his sunglasses with them self destructing in mid air, this image made it seem threatening and cool and hint that the plot could have the same characteristics as it such as money and technology. The object is panned with the camera to highlight the importance and significance of the sunglasses.

The purpose of the opening section is to show what the film is basically about and shows it’s an action film with the main character free rock-climbing off a cliff, this also creates suspense when he slips and nearly falls off. Then when he catches his fall with one hand and then holding on in a crucifix position with two hands shows he could possibly be a saviour…. and save the world. Then when the camera zooms into his face with an extreme close-up it shows him as calm with rugged looks which is typical of an action hero. With the fact that he’s free rock-climbing as a hobby it shows that as a viewer if you watch the film you’re in for lot more action.

The opening images are not as we expect as it shows him nearly dying by falling off a cliff immediately at the beginning before anything else happens. Moreover it’s not what we expect when we see a pair of hi-tech sunglasses being shown at the beginning of the trailer and not being saved to show off in the film.

At the very start the sparse location set in the outback of Australia is panned to set the scene.

The main images in the central part of the trailer are particularly violent ones to show what the film mainly involves. The main images are mostly in confrontational scenes involving more than one person. The colours in the main images include red and orange which represent fire, heat, richness and intensity, black which represents death, evilness, mysteriousness and sophistication. Blues and purples are also involved meaning coldness and freshness, silver and chrome represent show that something is expensive, modern and classy, moreover white represents purity and innocence. In the shots the colours used are regularly two opposites which are juxtaposed together which suggests there will be dashes in the film. Also the use of colours suggest excitement, danger and expense.

The speed of cutting is very fast although many of the shots themselves are slow motion, this suggests action, also it matches the music playing with it. With all this action going past so fast all at once it confuses the viewer and increases their need to watch the film.

The images in with the man in bed with the woman are interesting as they show them in black and white which looks like there on CCTV, this supposes that they are meant to be doing something else but instead prefer a brief intimate encounter with each other. Furthermore this hints that the plot also involves scenes of romance. Also with the scene involving the man doing a kung fu kick surrounded by doves it is mysterious why they are together as the man is endorsing violence while the doves are there in contrast as a sign of peace. This scene shows that the plot includes mysteriousness.

I think that with the scene where the woman rips off the bug-like micro chip that looks like a sticker off her hand it makes the viewer intrigued to want to know more and find out what it is as it was cut on screen very quickly.

I liked the scene from the trailer where the main character just manages to edge his way past the car on a motorbike, that scene in the trailer was very tense to see if he would make it across the road alive. This is another part of the trailer that shows that there’s tense moments and lots of action in the film.

The whole trailer suggests that the film is full with all the factors necessary for an action thriller, and with the new director John Woo it gives more than the last film making it bigger and better. The trailer of Mission Impossible 2 creates an idea that it’s better than the last one as he incorporates his speciality of kung fu scenes from his past films and his excellent camera work where he captures everything to there potential.

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