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Students are required to review the survey results “Appendix 1” at the back of the Student Learning Guide. From the information provided, you will analyse the information collated in the survey and identify areas within the organisation that require attention.

Using the customer survey results in Appendix 1, write below a brief diagnostic comment for each survey question/response.

Q1 EXAMPLE – How often do you frequent our business?
.e. 35% of customers identified as frequenting the store between 1 – 5 times in the store and therefore could not be considered regular customers- 30% of customers identified as frequenting the store between 6 – 26 times these are regular customer Conclusion: develop strategies to convert “sometime shoppers” to regular or loyal customers

Q2: What is your industry?
60 % of customers are from the service or manufacturing industry. The other 40% of customers are from rural, retail or other industries. Conclusion: develop strategies to drive in customers from all industries.

Q3: Do we normally meet your customer service expectations?

80% of customers answered yes.
Conclussion: Do futher research in what the other 20% expect and are not receiving from the business. Tutor Use Only

Q4: On a scale of 1 – 4, how would you rate our customer service in relation to your expectations? (1=Exceeds expectations, 2=Meets expectations, 3=Fair, 4=Very poor) Answer:

Q5: How would you rate the importance of our customer service in retaining your business? (1=Very important, 2=Important, 3=Slightly important, 4=Not important) Answer: 1=Very important

Q6: Please rate the following aspects of our customer service in order from 1 – 6, with ‘1’ being the best aspect of our customer service, ‘2’ the next best and so on. Answer:
Professionalism, phone skills and systems scored poorly on this question. Conclusion: Staff require more training on how to operate the system, professionalism and phone skills Tutor Use Only

Q7: Choose one area of our customer service that you think is the most important to keep your business. Answer:
The customers view positive wording and telephone technique as the most important aspects of quality customer service. Followed by being friendly, presentation and knowledge of the systems used. Conclusion: encourage staff to always be well presented. Look into futher training techniques to help develop their verbal communication skills. Tutor Use Only

Q8: Comparing our business to others, how would generally rate the following customer service items? (N/A means not applicable). Answer:
Both face to face and over the phone the customers view the staff as not being knowledgable about the products. In face to face interactions 40% of customers rated ‘prompt friendly service’ as poor. Conclusion : Train staff to have a greater knowledge of the products they are trying to sell. Monitor staff and research why ‘prompt friendly service’ was scored as poor. Are customers not being served as soon as they walk into the shop? Are staff welcoming the customer?

Staff Satisfaction Survey

Q1: In your opinion, how well is the training program functioning? Answer:
The majority of staff view the training program as just ‘good’ or ‘poor’. Conclusion: Seek more staff feedback. Find out what areas of training staff are struggling in or having difficulties with and develop stragies to make the training process more informative and successful. Tutor Use Only

Successful☐ Unsuccessful☐ Date:
Tutor Feedback:
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Q2: In your opinion, how well does the rewards and recognition program
function? Answer:
The majority of staff scored the rewards program as poor or very poor. Conclusion: This rewards program is obviously not working and not satisfying staff. Seek more staff feedback as to why and review and change the program.

Q3: How satisfied are you with your career opportunities / work choices within the business? Answer:
Majority of staff are not satisfied with their career oppurtunities or work choices within the business. Conclusion: Research ways to create better career oppurtunities and work choices for staff.

Additional Statistical information:

Customer complaints
Customer complaints have over doubled in the last few years. This shows some big issues in the customer service management. Research which areas customers are most dissatisfied with and support the staff in gaining new skills to meet the customers ever changing needs.

Staff Complaints
Staff complaints have over tripled in the last four years which shows there are some major issues with staff satisfaction. More research needs to be done into what these complaints are about and how to address them and eliminate them.

Profit in %
Profit margins are down 54% over 4 years.If this continues at that rate within 2 years there will be no profit margin. Sales are directly linked to customer satisfaction. Creating customer satisfaction and retaiing it is an issue that needs to be dealt with asap.

Develop strategies
Students are required to prepare an Improvement Strategy Report based on the survey results.

As the Customer Service Manager for this organisation you have been asked to prepare a communication and training strategy to address the issues highlighted in the survey results. Your strategy should be set over a 12 month period and include the following as headings in your report: Monitoring and feedback opportunities

Team meetings
Training requirements
Reward and incentive program
Performance appraisals
Methods of empowering the staff in their job role
Professional development opportunities.

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Monitoring and feedback oppurtunities:
Staff need to be monitored to ensure they delivering a high standard of customer service. Quarterly the survey will be redone and reviewed to make sure the standard of customer service is improving over the next 12 mths. Team meetings:

A team meeting will be held asap to discuss the feedback from the survey results. Staff will be asked for input to help develop areas where training is lacking and how it can be improved. Training Requirements:

Survey results show staff need extra support and training in product knowledge and face to face customer service. Over the next 12 months management will organise training with the suppliers to help the staff expand their product knowledge and all staff will be put through a short course in managing quality customer service. Reward and incentive program:

The reward/ incentive program is not viewed very highly by staff. Over the next 12 months research will be done into why the staff are not happy with this program and together with staff, management need to find a way to either fix the current program, or come up with a new one. Performance appraisals:

Performance appraisals will be done on staff now, at the start of the project and again in 6mths time to see how the staff are progressing. Performance appraisals are a great way to see where staff are lacking in knowledge and training and open up the communication lines to strengthen working relationships. Once it is clear which staff need support in which areas it will be much easier to get them the specialised training they are needing. Methods of empowering the staff in their job role:

Over the next 12 mths management will use the following tactics to help empower staff in their job role. Delegate tasks clearly and concisely – Let employees know exactly what is expected of them. Acknowledge achievements – Make a point of congratulating staff on a job well done Promote employee training and education – provide the means for employess to undergo futher training and education. This will benefit the employees confidence and also the business. Invite feedback from employees – Make sure their suggestions and ideas are acknowledged and taken into consideration. Professional development oppurtunities:

Employees will be encouraged to undergo futher training in customer service and product knowledge. Performance appraisals will help management to know which areas staff need specialised training in and will help staff to recognise these areas also. Staff that are excelling in areas will be asked to coach and mentor fellow employees who need some assistance in those areas.

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