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Analyse the trailer for Minority Report, considering its appeal to an audience Essay Sample

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Analyse the trailer for Minority Report, considering its appeal to an audience Essay Sample

The film ‘Minority Report’ contains actors such as Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton. Tom Cruise is the main actor in this Sci-Fi action thriller. Cruise has starred in many films such as Days of Thunder, Mission Impossible 1 & 2 and Interview with the Vampire. The director of the film is Steven Spielberg, who as directed films like E.T The Terrestrial, Jaws, Schindler’s List and Jurassic Park. Minority Report was released in June/July 2002; their film distributor is 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks Pictures and has given the film a certificate of 12.

The genre of ‘Minority Report’ is a Sci-fi action thriller with fantasy and futuristic scenes. The elements that enable you to recognize the genre of the film is the part where the futuristic spiders and the flying cars tell you it is a sci-fi film with fantasy and is set in the future. It is important to the company who are trying to promote ‘Minority Report’ that the trailer shows elements of what the film is trying to show and what kind of film it so it can attract fans that like the type of genre which is displayed to them.

The distributors logo (20th Century Fox & Dreamworks) gives it a visual effect of it looking underwater because it looks futuristic to accompany the film. The images being used are mainly the most attention catching scenes, which make the audience want to watch. These parts of he film have been chosen to go along with the fast tempo of the music. These images have been cut together like it was a whole scene and each scene come after each caption, which sorts of titles the scenes.

The sound and music of the film also connects with the genre. The clues the music gives to show that the film is an action film is that it shows a high tempo when there is a scene of suspense. The music and sound affects also try and make the audience want to watch the trailer.

The dialogue of the film tells you what they were trying to do. The characters are speaking fast with music. The dialogue at is ‘you can’t run John’ and Cruise replies with ‘you don’t have to chase me’ matches up with the slogan ‘Everybody Runs’. The other caption, which comes in with the link of him running, is ‘Until the system came after him’ and when his wife says ‘Run’. The dialogue on the trailer suggests that it is mainly between Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell.

The trailer has been clearly edited as it rolls at a different speed compared to the film to match with the tempo of the music. I think the speed alters during the scenes with most climaxes and most interesting scenes and the parts with least highlights is slower. Also during the dialogue the speech is quicker than normal so the viewer can just hang on to what they just said.

The text used in the film is in bold capitals such as the title and captions. We know the title of the film; just before the end of the trailer and just before the caption ‘coming soon’ appears. I think this happens because; they want you to see parts of the film and give you ideas of the plot before giving the title. We are told the name of the star and director (Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg) because they known all over the world and are easily recognizable names. The audiences who watch the trailer may also be interested if they are Cruise or Spielberg fans. We are told the names of the star and director when the captions appear, during the parts that are most likely going to capture the audiences mind and make them see what is happening. At the end there is a slogan, which is ‘Everybody Runs’. It gives an impression that a film is doing to with a chase or someone running away.

The target audience for ‘Minority Report’ is mainly for teenagers and adults. I think is for that age group because if you were to young or maybe to old you may not understand the plot of the film. The parts of the film which appeals to the target audience identified is the part where they can detect a crime before it has happened and he is looking for a murder that he apparently did, so it would not suit young children or old people or people who can’t figure out the plot too easily.

My evaluation of the film is that I think the title is effective in some ways, as you can’t figure what most of the film is about just from the title. This helps sell the film to an audience as they might want to know what the film is about and don’t figure it out just from the title. The trailer is also effective as it shows the best parts of the film and tries to attract the audience to what happens next. This persuades the audience to come see the movie to see what happens next or if you are interested in the type of film or you like who is directed or the work of actors such as Tom Cruise or Colin Farrell, this will interest the audience.

The title ‘Minority Report’ is effective as it is a new name, which no one has used before in other films, or has a name related film in that kind. The trailer is also effective as it attracts big stars and this attracts audiences to come and see the film. The film will be very good at persuading it’s target age group because a lot of people are now interested in genre’s of films like ‘Minority Report’

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