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Analysis Discussion of Are U Getting Enough Sleep Essay Sample

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Analysis Discussion of Are U Getting Enough Sleep Essay Sample

The title reveals the subject about the important of sleeping. Sleeping is a normal human’s routine, we sleep at night and wake up in the morning. The title makes me ask myself same as the title “are you getting enough sleep?” and then the second questions appear in my head that “if I’m not getting enough sleep, what’s the effect?” This article seems like a normal story but the title makes the article is interesting. After I had the questions in my mind, I want to read more information from the article.

The writer’s purpose and thesis appear in the last paragraph “it is important to get enough sleep”. The writer shows and makes us realize that the effect of sleeplessness. If we are not getting enough sleep, it can bring to many bad effects in our life. For example, we will have trouble reading and watching TV or we will have trouble doing things with our hands. Moreover, the writer gives an interesting point that sleeping helps our brain got rest and restored our body system. So, if we are not getting enough sleep that means our body is not got rest and restore too.

The writer uses Randy’s experiment to show about many bad effects of sleeplessness in paragraph 2. According to the result of Randy’s experiment, if you have an inadequate sleep for long time, your body will work inefficiently too. In paragraph 4, the writer gives another example of bad effect of sleeplessness- the result of testing on white rats without sleep. The rats died even if they ate more food than usual; they died because they did not sleep for a few weeks. The entire example in the article makes us become aware that the adequate sleeping is very necessary for our life.

The article has a strong conclusion that “it is important to get enough sleep”. In the last paragraph, the writer continues to make us ask ourselves again “what is the purpose of sleep?” the writer gives some example of the answers that “we sleep on order to replenish brain cells or sleep helps the body to grow and relieve stress.” After we finish read this article, we don’t worry to answer that question but we know well that what we have to do is check the time that we spend for sleeping. Is it good enough or not? And if we are not getting enough sleep, what we should do to improve this bad habit. Maybe we should change some part of daily life in order to get enough sleep, for a good and long life.

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