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Analysis of Situation Comedies: Father Ted Essay Sample

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Analysis of Situation Comedies: Father Ted Essay Sample

Father Ted –

Father Ted is unlike any other comedy in the way, which it is set. It is set on a remote island of the coast of Ireland. This is to inflict the fact that the three priests are isolated from society sort of like outcasts. The use of folk/western music gives us a sense of Ireland and therefore helps us to establish the setting of this sitcom. The credits at the beginning also have an Irish theme to them as the use of Celtic writing has been used which also gives it a church style effect. At the start of the programme the use of a long aerial shot is used so we can again establish the setting and as we get to see many fields of green grass we assume it is an isolated place with a low population. This particular sitcom use extreme surreal humour, as there are three priests. One is a drunk, one stupid and the other one is a fraud. We interpret this as stupid and therefore find the stupidity comical and the fact there is no realism there. I think Father Ted’s target audience would be Irish people, maybe priests and Catholics.

The Royle Family –

The title for Royle Family its self is ironic as they may be portrayed, as a posh stereotype of the actual ‘Royal Family’ to which we find is not true. As they are the complete opposite they are immature, sluggish and lazy. As the credits start their is a point of view shot from the TV this is to show the audience the focal point of this families life. As this whole sitcom is generated by them sitting around the TV. There is also a blue filter used on the screen to inflict the TV is that important to them. The sitcom is based on a council estate in Manchester therefore the soundtrack is done by a Manchester band Oasis who are portrayed as rough Manchester lad which gives us a sense they aren’t really like the royal family. In the opening scene the camera doesn’t even have to move as it is all situated around the TV. I think the target audience is young adults in and around Manchester.

Friends –

Friends is set in suburbia America. Friends is set in many different places such as the coffee house, various apartments and in the city. The soundtrack used is fast, upbeat music, which goes with the whole connotation of friendship. This used to connote friendship and show what the series is about. A long shot is used at the beginning to show the friends on the couch all happy to again connote the friendship to the audience. This Sitcom is different to The Royle Family, as it has employed canned laughter to show the audience when and what to laugh at. Some say this sitcom is a bit Gender disorientated, as the cast are all young, attractive white people with good careers. Vibrant colours are used throughout to show warmth, happiness and security, which relates to Friends. I think the target audience is mainly middle age females and younger females who can relate to some of the situations within this text.

Only Fools and Horses –

This Sitcom is set in Peckham, London in a run down working class area. The theme of this programme is that they are trying to make it out of Peckham because of poverty but no one ever makes it out of Peckham. The subject matter is that they are always coming up with plans to make money and compete for the alpha male role but they always end in disaster and failure. Again and again they try and make money but never end up getting a penny. If this theme was broken and they actually made money and escaped from Peckham then they would be defying the narrative and the comedy would die.

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