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The song “Family Portrait”, by Pink, means that families need to stick together and without each other we can’t do anything.

When Pink says, ‘It aint easy growin up in World War III”, she means that it’s hard to grow up when everyone is fighting around you. When everyone is fighting around you, it makes a big influence on you and your personality. Furthermore, it shows that when she says “I don’t want love to destroy me like it did my family” she means that she doesn’t want her family to separate and break apart because of her parents fighting. The phrase “Remember that the night you left, you took my shining star,” tells us that that when her family separated, it broke her heart. This song really shows the message that life is better when you have a family to love and count on.

This song symbolizes, when a family and a person of this family don’t get along, thy still have to work together. This song explains what life is, like without a family to be there for you and how lonely you feel. In the song, Pink shows that you can get so lonely and afraid that you run away. This song gives a message that it is important to work together and not fight at home because that is your shelter, the place where you should always be safe.

In the rhythm & blues style pink expresses what many children in separation situations wanted: parents should get along again.

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