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Analyzing and Interpreting Data Within the Company Problems Essay Sample

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Analyzing and Interpreting Data Within the Company Problems Essay Sample

Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. (BIMS) is seeking to find the reasons why employees are in breach of the standards of quality and productivity. The company wants to find out the reasons why many employees have resigned and the causes of employee dissatisfaction. The initial survey that the company did had errors of design, and also had errors in the data entry of the results. BIMS executives decided to execute a second survey to correct the errors that they had committed in the first survey with the purpose of obtaining real and useful results. (University of Phoenix, 2013, Week 5 BIMS case supplement).


In general, employees consider that the company has faults in the training processes and in the communication between managers and low status employees. The new results indicate that employees who have resigned from the company did so because they did not like their supervisor. Other reasons such as the type of work performed and the unfair payment also have been the reasons that many employees have resigned from their jobs. It is interesting to recognize that on the other hand, employees who remain in the company consider that the supervisors treat them fairly and that the company has good communication.


According to the data and responses from BIMS’ employees and ex-employees, BIMS needs to review the survey and fix the problems for each negative response to questions 6, 8, 9, and 10. BIMS needs to carefully review these questions and make changes accordingly. Several suggestions are developing trainings for employees not only for the beginning of their job, but throughout their time with the company, making employees feel as though their jobs are not in jeopardy. Keeping all the employees involved with meetings and information about the company. Allowing the employees to become involved with strategic planning or goal setting. CONCLUDING IDEAS

After going over all the data about the workers and how they were unhappy with the company, there are a few conclusions that can be drawn. It comes up very drastically that the workers were unhappy with their supervisors, followed by their pay. Satisfaction with pay is not always the easiest issue to fix, but supervisor-worker relations are easier to fix. One big way to fix this issue is communication. If the supervisors were to communicate better with the workers, and show them that their work is greatly appreciated, and that they are a valuable asset to the company, then that certainly will lift spirits. Another big problem was that the previous workers were unhappy with the work that they used to do. When going into a job one should know the type of work he or she has to do. The only conclusion that drawn is that the job descriptions that were given must have been very misleading. BIMS appears to be solid company that wants to fix their problems. It is believed that with the information that has been recommended to the management and all of the evidence to go along with it, that BIMS will prosper and increase the morale of the employees.


University of Phoenix Material: Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc., Part 1

University of Phoenix Material: Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc., Part 2.

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