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Anatomy Essays


Ideal occlusion and malocclusion

Definition of ideal occlusion: the normal anatomical contact between teeth, more technically it is the relationship between the maxillary(upper) and mandibular(lower) teeth when they approach each other, as occurs during chewing or at rest. Ideal occlusion also known as a

Anatomy of Humans

Introduction There are three main types of joints. They are all important for the body to perform its tasks during life. They are. * Fibrous * Cartilaginous * Synovial These joints sustain movement and shape of the human body. Some

Plant Tissues

1. Meristematic Tissue. A. Apical Meristems B. Lateral Meristems 2. Permanent Tissue A. Dermal (Surface Tissue) B. Fundamental Tissue (Ground Tissue) C. Vascular Tissue MERISTEMATIC TISSUE Composed of immature cells and are regions of active cell division. small, thin walls

Carolina Mammal Kidney Dissection Guide

Overview The Carolina Mammal Kidney Dissection Guide is a general set of instructions for dissecting mammal kidneys. With each type of kidney, there will be differences in the size of the structures and kidney regions, but the general structures and

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

The patient was kept on the operating table and general anesthesia was given, fully catheter was introduced and connected to gravity drainage bag, a line was placed. Abdomine was then prepped and draped in the usual fashion extending from nipples

Anatomy of an Eye

Abstract The true mystery of the eye is not just found in the anatomy of the physical eye itself, but, rather in how this anatomy works in conjunction with brain function.  The anatomy of the eye is examined in such

Physiology And Anatomy

Part one: If you step up one step using your right leg, the impulse will arise from the motor cortex in the left cerebral hemisphere of your brain. The impulse then travels through the corticobulbar tract through the midbrain, then

The Anatomy And Physiology Of The Aging Larynx

ANATOMY OF THE LARYNX             The larynx commonly called as the voice box has basically four anatomic component. The voice box is a tube-shaped structure “comprised of a complex system of muscles, cartilage and connective tissue.” (M. Dance) It vitally

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