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Animal abuse is the infliction of suffering or harm upon non human animals for a specific gain, such as killing animals for food or for their fur. * Just like how a coin has 2 sides to be looked at, this issue has 2 sides to be viewed about as well * Animal abuse is inherently wrong for using them for human purposes but should be fine if the unnecessary pain and suffering is lessened * Another is that the only way to put animal abuse to an end is to regard animals as properties and not commodities * Cruelty to animals is a big no no due to myriad of reasons. Animal abusers can come in all walks of life, and sometimes the abuse isn’t as noticeable as pet owners who beat their pets. * Let’s review the status quo of such abuse cases in today’s world and see what are the possible solutions we can contribute to alleviate the problem| Reasons for the issue| * People don’t view animals as important, so they think it’s all right to hurt them * It’s a highly controversial topic among people * People don’t realize how serious the problem is as statistics of abuse cases for animals is escalating * According to the SPCA website(statistics)

* The SPCA, in Singapore, receive 80 to 90 cruelty reports on average per month * 13% of animal abuse involves domestic violence. * 70% of animal abusers also have records of other crimes. * According to the NewsLink research website(statistics) * 3 to 4 million cats and dogs (young, healthy and adoptable) are euthanized every year in shelters. * Animals that aren’t euthanized are often sent to no-kill shelters where the animals are caged for days, weeks, months or years and the animals risk becoming insane and dying of loneliness. * Millions of day-old male chicks are killed in a high capacity macerator because they are worthless to the egg industry. * In the United States alone, 1.13 million animals are used in testing and research every year. * More than 15 million warm blooded animals are used in research worldwide. * Poor animals. What would they do? We have to help these loved ones of when no one else will. Don’t you think?

What is a possible solution? | * Campaigns to provide people with humane education * Humane education to talk about pet ownership, responsibilities of being a good owner, etc * Talk about the consequences or music to be faced if they do not take ownership * To convey the message to people that animals are also like us, they only differ in terms of the way they respond * Get to know and look out for the animals in your neighborhood. By being aware, you’re more likely to notice, for example, that the dog next door who was once hefty has lost weight rapidly—a possible indicator of abuse. * You make the call. Without phone calls from concerned citizens who report cruelty in their neighborhoods, nobody would know about most instances of animal abuse. It all comes from the public, it all starts with YOU—that’s why it’s so important to keep your eyes and ears open.

 What are the benefits of the solution or course of action you recommended? * By conducting a campaign to people on such an issue, they will not be just aware of what’s happening when it comes to animal abuses but moral values such as empathy will also be instilled in them * By enforcing kindness towards animals, people will tend to become more appreciative | Conclusion| * Animals that are meant to be killed for food are in a huge factory, where they have no fresh air, sun light or grass to eat. The farmers feed them with food that makes them grow faster and get fatter. * That’s how they’re doing it. They don’t care for those poor animals, they just want our money. They don’t care for our health either; all they care about is their profit. * Someone has to stop them, and that someone can be you! You can change the future with just making a difference in your life. Together we will stop animal cruelty and we will make world peace.

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