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Animal Farm Essay Sample

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Animal Farm Essay Sample

George Orwell, author of Animal Farm, extracted events from the Russian Revolution and wrote this great novel. This book is based on the Russian Revolution itself. Many characters in the novel represent certain people who took a major role in the Russian Revolution. For example, Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin, He tried to build the new society, but later in the book he got carried away with his greed and selfishness.

Old Major has a dream in the fable, that all animals would have a better life, better future, where there was a society of equality and freedom for the animals. Old Major organises a meeting and tells the animals about this bizarre dream, and plans to make it come true. All the animals agree with enthusiasm and have full potential to go ahead it. In this essay, I will try and explain how George Orwell connects the Russian Revolution to the novel-Animal Farm. I will also explain, the moral behind the story and what the author is trying to say to the readers when writing this book.

In my opinion, one important event in the Russian Revolution which stood out to me and shocked me was when many ideas came from Karl Marx, a German economist, whose major work Das Capital proposed a society in which all people would be free and equal. Marx died in 1883 and never saw the revolution he had inspired. George Orwell wrote about this event in chapters 1&2 of Animal Farm. This is when Old Major inspires everyone with his heart-warming speech and convinces everyone to have a rebellion. He tells them that all animals would later on live in a society where there is equality and freedom. Everyone agrees with joy.

Another event, which was a major part in the Russian Revolution, in my opinion, was when Trotsky was a brilliant speaker in one country, and he’d been in charge of the Red Army during the Civil War. So He wanted the Russian Revolution to spread across the whole world – and make it a permanent Revolution. George Orwell wrote about this in Animal Farm in chapter 4, when Snowball wanted the rebellion to spread across other farms in England. This meant that all the animals across the whole world could work together and be much more powerful than their oppositions, the humans.

Another event in which inspired me and which I think is important in the Russian Revolution is when the enemies now seemed to be friends. Much of the propaganda of the past 10 years was re-written. Stalin was now able to get away with this because he controlled soviet life. George Orwell wrote about this event in chapter 10. This is when the animals cannot understand why the humans (previously their enemies) were now their friends. The pigs even invite their human friends for a party.

One other event, which shocked me, that took place in the Russian Revolution is when Stalin seemed to behave more like Czar, then a man trying to build the ‘new society.’ Czar was the main reason why they started the Russian Revolution in the first place. So he seemed more like a hypocrite, he said one thing and done another. George Orwell wrote about this event in Animal Farm. This is when he described Napoleon being more a human farmer than one of the animals trying to rebel against the human farmers. This is very similar to the Russian Revolution case.


The main points of this whole novel are that animals didn’t have any freedom. Old Major who is well respected in the farm, spoke up and gave the other animals a big speech, about how they should do something about the way they were treated and their lack of freedom. In the beginning, the humans and animals were enemies, but later in the last few chapters of the book, the animals realised that they were dying and they didn’t have enough food among themselves. The animals and humans, right at the end of the book, later become friends. As generations went by, animals and humans were very close together. They all shared the same amount of work to do all the same things in life. You couldn’t even tell the difference between man and pig.

In my own opinion, I think George Orwell is trying to make a point to the readers about power. This is that power cannot buy you health, and money isn’t always everything

The moral and the message that George Orwell tried to point out to us is not to be greedy, selfish, spoilt and to see things from others point of view. In the novel this was obviously Napoleon and in the Russian Revolution this was Joseph Stalin. So this message gets the readers to think about the novel.

George Orwell wrote a novel using animals, to tell people about the failure of the Russian Revolution. He used animals I think because, it’d stand out more than using human figures. For example, if he just used human figures, then people would just think this is a novel to help people to study more about the Russian Revolution. But in the case that he used animals, people thought about the little freedom some animals get and they connected this to the Russian Revolution. So this is why I think George Orwell used animals instead of other figures.

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