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Animal Rights Essay Sample

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Animal Rights Essay Sample

Are you an animal lover? Are you a sucker for puppies and kittens? Are you dying to have a pet? If your answer is yes, then I guess you should know what animal rights mean before owning or having an encounter with animals. According to about.com animal rights is “the belief that animals have a right to be free of human use and exploitation “ This doesn’t mean that animals are above us, It just states that animals have the right to be free, they have rights but not like human rights. There is a common misconception that animal rights activists want nonhuman animals to have the same rights as people. No one wants cats to have the right to vote, or for dogs to have the right to bear arms. The issue is not whether animals should have the same rights as people, but whether we have a right to use and exploit them for our purposes, however frivolous they might be.

It just saddens me to know that Billions of animals abused every year, about the same die from abuse. Most aren’t even reported, so there isn’t an exact number, just billons. The sad truth is, over 65 billion animals are used, abused, and killed for food, scientific/medical testing, military experimentation, entertainment, clothing, and breeding – as in puppy mills. Some people even treat animals as slaves and treat them as if they weren’t created by God. Yes, some animals are meant to do work like carabao’s, cows and horses. But they can only do much. You can’t blame them if they don’t follow your orders at once, they’re not as smart as us humans but you can train them. Or maybe their tired. But don’t abuse them and hit them all the time if their disobedient. They’re not slaves. They have the right to rest whenever their tired. And if you’re just going to use animals for dangerous experiments that will please your curiosity, think about the life that you’re going to kill. Wouldn’t you feel guilty? And for those who eat dogs, kick animals with sticks, throw rocks at them and make fun of them, should go to jail. They need to be thought the meaning of respect.

Even if their animals, they have life. We should respect them. My mom told me a story about her friend who became a vegetarian after watching a video of people killing pigs, goats, chickens and cows. I guess she really felt so guilty and sad for the animals to the point that she didn’t want to taste pork, beef or chicken ever again. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t eat pork, chicken or meat ever again, I’m just stating the fact that people really can’t take animals being slaughtered. It’s heart breaking to see them die with no mercy. Well, to me just the thought or idea of them being slaughtered hurts. That’s why people who kill goats, pigs and chickens sometimes cover the face of the animal because they really cry with tears. They know that their going to die and their asking them to stop. Every year, millions of animals are killed for the clothing industry. Whether they come from Chinese fur farms, Indian slaughterhouses, or the Australian outback, an immeasurable amount of suffering goes into every fur-trimmed jackets and shoes , leather belts and pants , wool sweaters , snake skinned bags and I’m sure people will create more.

I hope people who buy animal skinned things will feel guilty whenever their wearing them. They could’ve bought something made out of cloth that’s even cheaper and more practical. People who use animals for entertainment like Cockfighting or dog fighting should be outlawed, as such events may end with the death of an animal. But having animals race or jump or fly is in line with their natural calling, so why in the world not? Of course it goes without saying that any training that would accompany such sport or entertainment must be humane, but that goes for human athletes as well. Let’s help spread the word about animal rights and not make their lives miserable. Every time you see an animal being abused, call the police or animal services at once, Do your part. Don’t give people the chance to abuse them. Animals are beautiful creatures given to us by God, they have feelings too, they know what people feel. Just like us, God gave them a purpose in this world.

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