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Why it’s correct: Because once the frame is shifted, the mRNA sequence would code for the amino acids Why I got it wrong? I skipped the question and was planning to come back to it but ran out of time so I couldn’t answer it

Question 5:
My answer: The addition of a string of adenine nucleotides to the 3’ end of the RNA molecule Correct answer: The addition of methyl groups to certain nucleotides of the RNA molecule Why it’s correct: Because all of the others happen during RNA processing. Why I got it wrong? I got confused and mixed both of the answers up

Question 15:
My answer: To amplify genes
Correct answer: To separate proteins in a mixture
Why it’s correct: Because in a gel electrophoresis technique is mainly used to separate and stratify molecules, so separating proteins o a mixture would be an additional use of it. Why I got it wrong? I got confused between the answers and didn’t know what to choose, so I guessed.

Question 16:
My answer: Stimulate DNA replication
Correct answer: Visualize the fragments
Why it’s correct: The DNA fragments are labeled with P so that the scienetists can visualize the fragments in order to determine each fragment and see if they have an effect Why I got it wrong? I don’t really know why I got it wrong. I got confused and guessed what I thought was right.

Question 23:
My answer: A gene can exist in alternate forms called introns Correct answer: A gene can code for a specific protein
Why it’s correct: Because genes code for specific proteins Why I got it wrong? The answers were all very confusing and I thought what I chose was right.

Question 25:
My answer: Only the same endonuclease to cut plasmid
Correct answer: Ligase, some endonuclease to cut plasmid
Why it’s correct: because in order for the sticky ends to match, you would have to use the same endonuclease to cut the DNA sequence, and you would need ligase to stick them back together Why I got it wrong? I didn’t pay attention to all of the answers and missed the correct answer

Question 28:
My answer: transformation
Correct answer: transduction
Why it’s correct: Because when genetic material is transferred between a virus and a host, it is called transduction Why I got it wrong? I got confused between both the terms

Question 32:
My answer: B
Correct answer: C
Why it’s correct: It’s correct because that’s the gene that gets coded for Why I got it wrong? The diagram was confusing and I got confused between the parts

Question 37:
My answer: Avery
Correct answer: Griffith
Why it’s correct: It’s correct because when Griffith was working to discover a vaccine for influenza, he found out that bacteria can be transformed Why I got it wrong? I got confused between the names of the people and took a guess

Question 41:
My answer: Translocation
Correct answer: Elongation
Why it’s correct: Because elongation occurs when translation is being done. Each new tRNA adds a new amino acid to the polypeptide chain, making it grow. The growing polypeptide chain is called elongation. Why I got it wrong? I suddenly forgot what the polypeptide chain was and guessed because I was running out of time. I didn’t have the time to think about it for long.

Question 43:
My answer: Integrase
Correct answer: Topoisomerase
Why it’s correct: Because topoisomerase is the name for a group of enzymes that change the superstructure of DNA. It’s an enzyme that winds and unwinds DNA, regulating the speed of transcription. Why I got it wrong? I did not know what topoisomerase was and so I chose what I thought was right.

Question 46:
My answer: Glycoprotein
Correct answer: Integrase
Why it’s correct: Because integrase is an enzyme produced by HIV that enables its genetic material to be integrated into the DNA of an infected cell. Why I got it wrong? I did not know the specific term for what the question was asking and so I did not know the answer.

Question 47:
My answer: Topoisomerase
Correct answer: Glycoprotein
Why it’s correct: Because glycoproteins bind to T cell’s receptor site Why I got it wrong? I had absolutely no idea what the answer was, so I took an educated guess.

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