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Hoffman, Danny. “The City as Barracks: Freetown, Monrovia, and the Organization of Violence in Postcolonial African Cities.” Cultural Anthropology. Volume 22 #3 August 2007. pp. 400–428 It all started December 24, 1989 when a rebels group lead by Charles Taylor. Enter Monrovia through Nimba county and Freetown Sierra Leone many innocent children died , so many properties was destroyed , the weakness of this article many government official were killed, no foods, no water. The United Nations never try help or step in to stop the war. The strength of this article is the West Africa Peace Keeper through, The Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS)brought a little peace to Monrovia, the peace Keeper brought foods and water, people were happy. Huband, Mark. “The Liberian Civil War”. Frank Cass (1998). ISBN 0-7146-4340-8.

William R. Tolbert was killed in a coup d’e`tat 1980 by Samuel K. Doe who had taken power, it was a tribal war between the Krah and the Americo-Liberian descent or congo, Congo which mean you are Americo-Liberia. This article is in depth. It was very difficult for many people, if you can’t speak any tribe language, you are going to be killed. Than another war again between the Krahn, Mano and the Gio, President Doe massacred hundreds of thousands of the Gio and Mano tribe. the strength of this thank be to God for Economic Community Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) finally some peace came to Liberia Moran, Mary H. Liberia: The Violence of Democracy – University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008.

No freedom of speech you can’t say anything against the government , if you say anything against the government you are going to be killed by President Samuel K. Doe , what the United Nations did and the United State, The United States evacuated all foreign Nationals and diplomats. many Liberian politicians were killed and other were send to prison. Even the present President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was in prison, the media could not say anything; radio and news paper. do you know about wish-hunting it mean they are going to kill you secretly. Thanks again to the USA through President George w. Bush to bring Democracy to Liberia.

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